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Working with Psychosis course feedback

Working with Psychosis (Module 1): Key Knowledge and Skills for Everyday Interactions, course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Working with Psychosis (Module 1) course has received.

"The tutor was the most inspiring facilitator who made the 3 days fun, very human and packed with knowledge. I will remember him as an advocate for graceful, person-centred attitudes towards people experiencing psychosis and mental health challenges. I haven't felt so inspired since I attended days with Ron Coleman and Phil Barker. Thank you! A reminder of why I decided to work in mental health as a young women."

Karen Wilson, Menta Health Coordinator/Counsellor

"A wonderful training course. The tutors depth and breadth of knowledge was awe-inspiring ... The course materials are excellent with useful, comprehensive references."

Veronica Thomas, Mental Health Coordinator

"Hugely informative and enjoyable course, which was superbly presented. Brought so much theoretical research in a completely humanistically presented way. I have been completely enthused by the open, honest and practical way in which the course has been presented."

Val Higgon, Mental Health Worker

"One of the best courses on understanding psychosis, causes of psychosis and treatment."

John Higgon, Mental Health Mentor

"Hugely insightful, offering a wide perspective on the phenomenon of psychosis which went well beyond what I might have considered to be a traditional CBT framework. All this was enlivened by the willingness of the tutor to refer to his own life experience and work, as well as by his warmth, humor and humanity."

Peter Visscher, Student Counsellor

"The presentation of this course excelled beyond just education. I have been privileged to be taught new, fascinating and highly practical/essential ways of thinking about, understanding and responding to my work with psychotic individuals. I have learned so much."

Sharyn Williams, Specialist MH Mentor

"This has been a fantastic course! I've attended many lectures over the past few years but this tutor was truly inspirational."

Laura Davies, Mental Health Mentor

"I thought this course was excellent. A brilliant introduction to working with people with psychosis."

Donna Rooney, Clinical Psychologist

"Fantastic course, probably the best I have ever been on."

Course Delegate

"I immensely enjoyed the course as it was packed with useful information on CBT. The skills will be relevant to use in our profession."

Pearl Simpson, Carer

"Extremely engaging and intriguing instructor whose style kept me fascinated with the topic ... the course had a tremendous impact on my thinking about people with psychosis and I am very appreciative that I could attend this."

Cheryl Comiskey, Senior Medical Social Worker

"I found the course excellent and very well presented. It was one of the best, if not the best training day I have attended and I learned a huge amount."

Caroline Larmer, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"So interesting! The tutor was excellent and very thought provoking and contributed to increasing our understanding of psychosis. An excellent course delivered with wisdom and finesse. Thank you."

Joyce Fullarton, Psychologist

"Another excellent course. Very insightful, will definitely help with my practice. Really liked the interaction and activities. Great balance."

Mardi Alexander Educational Psychologist

"Excellent worthwhile course. Extremely relevant to my current learning needs. I will be able to apply the strategies to my current practice. Many thanks."

Eilidh Lanzani, Educational Psychologists

"Very relevant for clinical work. Definitely gained a valuable approach and strategies for working with individuals with psychosis. Very much feel that the material covered and the delivery of the course will help me provide a better service and inform my practice."

Sarah Venning, RMN

"This has been the best course I have been on in relation to mental health, very informative, well presented."

Course Delegate

"I felt that the course was so interesting and relevant to my work. I remained enthusiastic throughout and look forward to the second part in November. The tutor was excellent and obviously an excellent practitioner at his place of work. On leaving I was able to take away the belief that I will start using the skills I have gained thus far. Thank you for 3 enjoyable, interesting, informative, confidence boosting days."

Sian Powell, CPN

"Our course leader was thoroughly inspiring and informative. I feel I have been given an incredibly comprehensive grounding in the theoretical basis of CBT with Psychosis. It has been thought provoking, and has really stimulated my thoughts."

Course Delegate

"The tutor has taught me more in three days about psychosis than I have learned over a space of several years. His style of teaching and depth of knowledge is commendable and inspiring. Thank you!"

Course Delegate

"This was one of the best courses I've ever attended. Very well delivered and informative."

Modinat Lawal, CPN

"Tutor was incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have already begun applying this to my clinical practice. This is the best and most interesting course I have ever completed. Many thanks."

Michelle Johnson, CPN

"This is the third CBT course I have been on through APT and have found all three immensely helpful and informative."

Pauline Robins, Nurse Specialist

"Excellent course! Particularly due to the speaker. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject has enhanced not only my knowledge and confidence in applying CBT but has greatly developed understanding of psychosis as a condition... This course has proved very motivational and inspiring. It will undoubtedly have an influence on my practice."

Kara Austin, Staff Nurse

"I was pleasantly surprised with the course! I had not expected it to be so engaging and actually beneficial. Having had experience with CBT I did not expect to gain much knowledge. However, I learned a lot. The tutor was an outstanding teacher and delivered the material in an engaging way."

Course Delegate

"Before I came to the course I did not know anything about CBT but now I will go back to the ward and start using it with patients. I recommend that all staff who are working in patient settings to attend this course."

Winnie Finnan, Staff Nurse

"The course was very interesting and very helpful to me. I recommend that all nurses do the course."

Course Delegate

"One of the best courses ever attended. Excellent."

Colin Lambert, CPN

"An absolutely fantastic course – covered the salient features of CBT, including the practical implications. I feel confident enough to practice the techniques that were explained. Delivered by an excellent tutor who was able to direct the course at various levels of knowledge in a diverse group."

James Wagstaff, CPN

"An inspiration, hopeful and optimistic course. It was full of what you can do with people, rather than individual deficits and problems, Excellent and inspiring. Thank you."

Clare Donnelly, Social Worker

"I can't fault it, excellent! I will recommend it."

Tom Ridsdale, Occupational Therapist

"A great 3-days. The tutor's enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of group dynamics were invaluable and created an excellent form for our training. I hope that follow-on courses will be advertised for us to attend. This was a very useful exercise and will enhance my professional development. It was also interesting to share with colleagues from various part of the trust. Thank you."

Angela, Sawyer, CMHN

"The whole programme was useful, we need more courses like these. The facilitator was knowledgeable and gave supportive feedback in relation to our role play and questions. It's provided useful time for reflection on my work and the information it provided was well adapted to our workplace experience. The presentation was spot on and supported discussions. Thanks."

Gemma George (4 month feedback)

"This is the best three days that I have had for years (professionally anyway!)."

Gill Gallacher, CPN

"I will recommend this training to every Mental Health professional."

Josephine Ibrahim, Staff Nurse

"This course is one of the best I've been on since my original training."

Jo Johnston, Team Leader

"The course has enlightened my knowledge and I will be going away with new ideas to implement. I must say APT materials are invaluable and you can rely on them for future reference."

ichard Chawey-Nartey, Staff Nurse

"This course should be attended by everybody working with people who experience psychosis."

Celestine Buluma, Staff Nurse

"I found this to be one of the most relevant, interesting and enjoyable courses I have recently attended. Tutor performed excellently as both a presenter and facilitator. I believe I have learnt a great deal which I am enthusiastic to utilize in my clinical practice. An excellent 3 days!"

Thomas Kearney, Team Leader

"Very well presented. Kept my attention throughout and I usually have a short attention span! Very relevant to my workplace."

Elaine McQueenan, CPN

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have felt very motivated and inspired by it. The teaching has been fantastic and relevant, the workbook very helpful and the group worked really well together."

Linda Wild, CPN

"The course was one of the best I have ever attended. It helped me to understand CBT further and gave me the confidence to deliver this with my patients. The tutor has a very effective presentation style and a warm personality making it very easy to grasp the material. He is very knowledgeable and was therefore able to answer any queries helpfully."

Baldeesh Gakhal, Assistant Psychologist

"Would recommend to all practitioners working within Mental Health."

Paul Harris, Support, Time and Recovery Worker

"Excellent course, well presented with good use of theory and how it links to case studies. I was extremely comfortable to share relevant cases in a confidential setting. Would love to do further courses with APT. Thank you."

Claire Silverwood, Staff Nurse

"I feel the course was extremely beneficial for me and extremely relevant for my work place in communicating with patients. The course has given a far greater insight into psychosis and more alternatives in how I conduct myself with patients. The course was presented in a thorough and clear manner. Fantastically presented."

Nick Taylor, Nursing Assistant

"I've found the sessions both educational and stimulating. The references made to research and linking with clinical practice have brought the sessions to life."

Helen Embley, OT

"A detailed and concise training course. It is definitely relevant to my practice and will be useful and enhance my practice in years to come. I enjoyed every minute spent in this training."

Modinat Lawal, RMN

"Excellent, superb, brilliant. Best training I've had!"

Craig Hobart, Social Therapist

"Brilliant, really interesting and useful strategies to employ with patients. Great anecdotes (could never be called 'dry'). Thank you."

Tilda Dowden, CBT Therapist

"This training has been the most relevant I have received since I have been with the Trust."

Donald Hamilton, Staff Nurse

"I have never felt so great in all the courses I have had – looking forward to module 2."

Rachael Adewale, CMHN

"Excellent three days. Really enjoyable but beneficial to current practice at the same time. Rare that the two come together."

Deborah Mitchell, Occupational Therapist

"It has given me renewed enthusiasm to learn more and practice what I have learnt. One of the most relevant courses to what nurses do everyday."

Lesley MacLine, Staff Nurse

"I thought this was an excellent course, with very good material and well presented throughout. It has stimulated my thoughts and maintained my interest which is a rare experience of work base courses."

Mike McCabe, Social Worker

"The course was excellent, feel more confident in working with psychosis in future. The course tutor was very good!"

Shamin Akhtar, Senior Mental Health Nurse

"Feel I benefited from the course. Would recommend this course to my colleagues. Has consolidated a lot of my existing knowledge and introduced new learning."

Jonathan Stearn, Senior Nurse

"Very much liked the fact that the course was practical – with practical ideas that can be applied to everyday working situations … Liked the fact that there was a manual – so many courses have just loose pages that easily get lost and forgotten. Feel I can refer to manual e.g. after client visit to prepare for next one."

Karen Pierce, Approved Social Worker

"Enjoyed course. Relaxed and friendly presentation. Well paced. Nice balance between teaching/group work/quiz. Felt appropriate to my needs to enhance my practice dealing with the distress of psychosis."

Ann Elders, CMHN

"The course is very useful and relevant to my practice. It was very well presented and I found it interesting, stimulating and informative. I learnt useful ways to manage patients which I am going to incorporate in my everyday practice."

George Mosa, Staff Grade Psychiatrist

"I found the course directly relevant to my everyday interaction with people experiencing psychosis as well as those experiencing other forms of mental illness. I found that the course reinforced my existing knowledge as well as importing new ideas for improving my practice and hopefully for having some positive impact on service users I work with. I feel the manual and notes I made during the course will be useful tool for me to take back to work and consider interventions with individual service users."

Lucy Jackson, Approve Social Worker

"Before this course I was not able to understand how CBT worked. And also did not understand how important people's delusions were to them. This course has changed my interpretation of people's delusions and beliefs. I am a better person as from the first day of this course, it has opened my eyes and improved my approach."

Evelyn Mibayo. CSW

"I must say that this is the best skills based course that I have had the pleasure of attending since qualifying in 1989."

Les Butter, CPN

"Found the course to be one of the best I have been on in a long time. I will be actively looking at other APT courses available as offered in the Trust."

Sheila Rawbuy, Community Mental Health Nurse

"This is one of the best training courses I've attended in a long time. And I will attempt to use the approaches and skills that I've learned in my day to day work."

Jane Blofield, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Without doubt, the most relevant and useful course that I have taken in my career so far. My only regret is that I wish I'd done it years ago! Looking forward to Module 2. This course should probably be mandatory for anyone working in adult mental health."

Andy Bugden, CPN

"One of the most motivating and helpful courses I have ever attended. Content was so closely linked to my practice and was thought provoking and enlightening."

Amanda Millins, Community Mental Health Nurse

"The excellent presentation made me feel extremely professional at the end of the 3 days. The course work was ale to be tailored specifically to our needs and I feel therefore more beneficial. The tutor went along with our learning style – no-one felt awkward or embarrassed by being put on the spot. Wow! Can we do it again please?"

Glynis Davies, Senior Staff Nurse

"It is a wonderful course. I feel that every member of staff, including consultants, should go on this course."

Florence Okoroh, Staff Nurse

"Excellent mix of verbal and written information, practical sessions and challenges to think about which made material relevant and memorable. At the end of the course I felt confident enough to change my existing practice. Highly recommend to all mental health staff and related teams … Now looking forward to putting theory into practice and undertaking further training in CBT."

Sue Dexter, Social Worker

"This is one of the best and most useful courses that I have attended. It has enabled me to reflect upon my own work and to look at ways in which I can respond in a more helpful way to my clients. Great pack as well – something to explore – to dip in and out of regularly. Well balanced course with a good mixture of group work and more formal teaching."

Jeffery Ashling, Mental Health Social Worker

"An extremely well presented course. Quite intense and lots to take in. Plenty of opportunity to practice. Good balance of theory and practice. Enjoyable and beneficial. Excellent tutor, knows their stuff, got us thinking, approachable, kept us in line. Thank you."

Rosemary Dewhurst, CPN

"I found this course very helpful in terms of the content, presentation and the use of role plays and other practical tasks used in the course. It gave me an opportunity to learn and use my skills and improve upon that."

Jayshree Malde, Day Centre Worker

"I've really enjoyed this course, it's been inspiring. Each section was well balanced and presented in a relaxed way, definitely not anxiety provoking, I normally hate role play but now it's something I'll do again. I know I'll definitely use these techniques and attend the second course to consolidate and enhance what has been imparted already. The manual was well put together, easy to read and flick through to find any section you need to recap on. Excellent."

Emma Flynn, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"The course was very useful with excellent presentation. I thoroughly recommend it to my working colleagues."

Valentino Aguinaldo, Clinical Team Leader

"A very well structured course. A good mix of presentations, video work, discussions and role play. There is so much I can take back to my work place, in particular the practical exercises were very helpful."

S. Williams, Staff Nurse

"I enjoyed the 3 days and feel that I have gained a better understanding of the CBT process. I feel that this has increased my confidence in approaching this type of work."

Lynette Pryor, Community Support Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course – extremely useful techniques, principles, theories and models that can be applied to my clinical practice. Feel as if my skills, knowledge and understanding of using CBT with Psychosis has improved and will hopefully improve the quality of care that I gave to my clients. Workbook, exercises and handouts – excellent!"

Helene Simonsen, RMN

"Extremely well presented – interactive and with plenty of interesting and useful examples. It was great for providing a deeper insight into how the patient might be feeling and some of their experiences. It also provided some really useful and practical ways of helping clients to work through their difficulties. Thank you."

Polly Daniel, Assistant Psychologist

"This was an excellent course, I re-discovered a lot of knowledge that should be included more within my practice and learnt a lot of very useful techniques and patient centred strategies that I feel will be extremely useful on the ward."

Louise Green, Staff Nurse

"A thoroughly enjoyable and very interesting introduction to CBT and what works with psychosis. Have taken a lot from the course, mainly due to a good presentation style and exercises undertaken."

Roderick Munro, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"I came away feeling very 'inspired' and encouraged to both engage in practical work and theoretical reading."

Gill Burt, CPN

"I found the course to be very informative and easy to understand (I have no previous experience of CBT). The pace was just right … I intend to put theory into practice! One of the best workshops I have attended for a long time. Good fun also! Thank you."

A Douglas-Gilbert, Manager, Day Hospital

"This was a very well presented and extremely useful course. It struck just the right balance between theory and practising skills/exercises. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and skilful, the pacing was just right."

Louise Webb, CPN

"Exceptionally well presented, most interestingly portrayed. Good balance of teaching and group participation. Relaxing atmosphere promoting feeling comfortable in the learning situation."

Val Cullingford, Clinical nurse specialist

"Very enjoyable course, informative but through. I will be able to apply these new skills to my practice and will look for further APT courses. Trainer, excellent, was able to take forward new skills and I have been able to remember techniques due to methods of learning over the three days."

Beverley Ruffler, CMHN

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was relevant, pitched at the right level and made enjoyable by the facilitator. The group size was just right and the exercises/group work were useful and thought provoking. The facilitator gave many of her own experiences/examples and this enabled me to easily link theory to practice. I would recommend this course and hope to participate in future APT courses."

Karla Wilkins, CPN

"As I was unfamiliar with CBT I found the whole course of interest. Pleased to find out that I could (and will) apply the knowledge gained in my role as care co-ordinator. Particularly liked the concept of Socratic Dialog … Tutor was excellent."

Steve Robson, Social Worker

"This course was very interesting and informative. I have learned a great deal and feel there is a place for me to practice the skills learned in my practice. It was presented in a professional manner with a large amount of humor! The duration of the course was just right for me and it was delivered in a way that kept me focused. I would recommend this course to colleagues."

Alph Galvin, Staff Nurse

"I very much enjoyed the course. I found myself becoming much more comfortable with the CBT approaches compared to approaches I had used in the past. I felt the trainer had extremely good teaching skills and a very sound knowledge base. I feel the members on the course were all really positive about how they had thought about having a new set of tools to use in clinical practice. I would be happy to attend further courses and increase my knowledge of CBT."

Meg Sykes, Sister

"The course presented material that could be readily employed within the service setting and at a level/language to accommodate all levels of training/experience. It was thought provoking, as well as comprehensive, but not so much that it was over whelming or overly complex. Thank you."

Kirsty Lowe, Forensic Psychologist

"I didn't realize how interesting CBT was until these past 3 days. The lecturer was probably one of the best lecturers I have met. He was very enthusiastic about CBT and in turn made the rest of the group enthusiastic to learn more. Sessions were not too long, easy to understand and I now feel a much better nurse for having just 3 days of CBT training."

Nicole Bradley, Staff Nurse

"The course was an informative eye opener, gave me a chance to reflect on my practice. Has equipped me with more skills in dealing with psychotic patients. Given me more confidence in clinical practice."

Ntutu Tshabane, Staff Nurse

"Well constructed course and delivered at a suitable pace. Gained a good understanding of CBT, which will be relevant and be able to use in practice, well presented."

Mark Thacker, Staff Nurse

"An extremely useful and interesting course, opening my eyes to a different prospective of how to address clients with delusions and ways of empowering the client to view different and more rationale reasoning of dealing with delusions."

Dee Montgomery, Staff Nurse

"The course was well paced, very interesting, got you thinking. I think the videos were an excellent way of seeing how it is done, role plays were very useful as you were able to practice skills yourself and test your understanding and knowledge so far. It was presented in a way that makes it quite easy to apply skills and knowledge in the workplace. The slides used are also very informative, especially in the booklet form, where there was a large space for making additional notes – all can be referred to again when needs be."

Sudarshan Kanda-Pavaday, Staff Nurse

"Well presented, user friendly and very relevant to my work. The ideas and suggestions are applicable not only to working with psychosis but with working with the world in general. The course has given me an invaluable insight into mental health and cognitive functioning."

Eddie Smith, Nurse

"The 3 day course was very well structured and organized. The tutor presented the information clearly and accurately. Role play and video was important and good. At the end of the three days, I feel I have got a better understanding of how to practice CBT and will definitely practice it. Many thanks."

A. Greedhur, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course, well presented. Good balance of taught material and practical work. Informative and good fun. Will definitely influence my work in a positive way!!"

Bruce Fisher, Occupational Therapist

"The course content was extremely relevant to my post in the Early Intervention Team. It was presented fabulously, drawing great interest and participation from the whole group. It has and will enhance my practice and most importantly benefit my clients. I will ensure I will use it through supervision and feel more confident in my application."

Val Winarone, Care Co-ordinator

"It has been an enjoyable three days, much food for thought and skills based. Skills learnt will definitely be used in workplace."

Angela Hawke, Team Leader

"Firstly I think the course was brilliantly facilitated, it kept me focused for the 3 days. It was very relevant to my work place and reinforced previous skills that I have learnt. I have taken away some great ideas from the training and other participants on the course. I feel the course helped me reflect on my work with clients and to be reflective in my approaches to them and interactions I can and do make. Many thanks for a well delivered course."

Sarah Counter, Support, Time Recovery Worker

"Excellent presentation. Very interesting content. I feel it will facilitate me to alter and review my own practice but I will be able to share this with the team."

Hannah Pile, CPN – Assertive Outreach

"I both enjoyed and benefited from the course and consider it to be the best training I have received over the past five years. I certainly now have a good insight into how CBT can be used to achieve a positive outcome with patients suffering from psychotic illnesses with delusions and hallucinations"

Cliff Mills, Assertive Outreach Worker

"Very relevant training which increased my awareness and knowledge: pulled together things I already know and do and put them into a structure which will assist me with clients greatly. All members of all teams would benefit – thus clients will benefit."

B. Phillips, STR Worker

"Excellent training. I was concerned before the course, that having not worked in MH long, the training would be too complex. I was pleased that all concepts and ideas were explained thoroughly and the rational behind these given. I found it particularly useful that we had the opportunity to practice skills learnt though role play. I felt the training was well delivered with professionalism and humor."

Lucy Mersh, Assistant Psychologist

"Fantastic course, opened my eyes on many aspects I didn't notice before and helped me to find new ways to improve relationships with the patients as a therapeutic approach."

Jeugenijs Lesciks, Nursing Assistant

"I have a better understanding on CBT. I also feel that I could take a lot of this back to the ward environment and use it on a day to day basis. I have also understood more about how patients cope with voices and delusions and feel that I can help them more."

Stephen Medcraft, Nursing Assistant

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course as I am very interested in the subject matter. I am very hopeful that the knowledge and experience I have gained from the course will go some way to improving my nursing skills. Thus helping to improve my rapport with service users in an effort to reduce distress, improve quality of life and give hope for the future, and in doing this feel very rewarded."

Tracy Watts, Nursing Assistant

"I found the course very valuable and I feel it has given me the confidence to be able to re-evaluate and change the way I conduct the 1:1 sessions I have with my patients."

Dawn Thomas, Senior Staff Nurse

"The course has opened my eyes to many ways of dealing with day to day activities with vulnerable patients and how to improve their life and see reason to think about the future. The course correlations are excellent and the venue very conducive."

Solomon Odanye, Health Care Assistant

"I feel that this course was extremely well laid out and relevant to our job role. It was taught at a good pace and made interesting and fun at all times. The ground environment was extremely relaxed and I am now looking forward to another APT course. I feel I gave gained a lot of new skills which will help me in practice."

Sam Gittins, Deputy Nurse Ward Manager

"This was an enjoyable and interesting 3 days. Well presented by APT and excellently facilitated. The content/subject matter was very relevant to my work and really made me think about my own practice and how to implement the new skills learned on a day to day basis at work."

Nick Manasseh, Nursing Assistant

"This course has helped to apply previous knowledge to psychosis as well as developing my knowledge further. The course has also helped me to develop my understanding and my skills of CBT, particularly Socratic questioning."

Michelle O'Conner, Assistant Psychologist

"This course has changed my perception and understanding of the patient. Now understand the actions of patients when they are in delusion or hallucinating."

Jake Mahlohla, Health Care Assistant

"I have enjoyed this course, it was very relevant to me in my day to day working life. I shall take the skills that I have learned during the 3 days and put them into practice. The course was made more enjoyable by the group with whom I was working and the teaching."

Leslie Jones, Health Care Assistant

"The course is relevant to my clinical practice. It broadened my knowledge about CBT."

Semiu Sobitan, RMW

"No complaints. The information received was well structured and met all of my prior expectations. I know this will enhance my future nursing practice within my patient group. Was valuable to learn through practical experiments what its like to be subjected to auditory hallucinations, and this I will not forget."

Simon Jackson, Staff Nurse

"This course has offered me the opportunity to consolidate previous knowledge and skills as well as learn new ones – more than I ever anticipated! The teaching styles used were varied, practical, useful and enjoyable. I am already aware of ways in which I hope that it will change my practice. In particular the way that I respond to patients directly asking me my opinion about their delusions. Presentation was excellent, sensitive to the varying learning needs of students. Thank you."

Jayne Hopkins, Occupational Therapist

"The course is well paced to include plenty of time for question and discussion, has opportunities for all to be involved. The exercises work well to apply and process skills discussed in the theory."

Nicky Smith, CBT Therapist

"Relaxed and enjoyable. Helpful exercises that reinforced main points. Information delivered in a clear and logical way. Encouraged some reflection of practice and own approach. Helpful introduction to CBT with Psychosis with clear skills that can be practiced in a range of situations. The course has provided myself with clear tools to build on/add to."

Course Participant

Working with Psychosis

Working with Psychosis (Module 1): Key Knowledge and Skills for Everyday Interactions.

A 3-day course.

This course examines and teaches the skills that are fundamental to working with anybody who is prone to episodes of psychosis. Skills such as how to engage, how to talk within the person's belief system, how to use Socratic dialog and the 'floating of ideas', what is and what is not 'collusion', and more. It looks at using these skills in formal one-to-one sessions and also in informal situations.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 98%

Online Live*

Presentation: 100%

Relevance: 100%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last three runnings of the course in this format.

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