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Mental Health Training Courses
Mental Health Training Courses

Courses exclusive
to your organisation  

Here you can click to see all of the courses provided by the APT, all of which are available 'onsite' (exclusive to your organization) so you can plan your training as far ahead as you wish, possibly mixing face-to-face training with live online training. Whichever, each course carries APT Accreditation and Certification, and access to APT post-course resources. 

APT Live Webinars

Online Live Courses,
Open to all professionals  

If you are an individual professional (or there is a small group of you) and you like live training rather than recorded, then this is for you. Online Live courses from the APT are pleasingly interactive, and nearly all our courses are available in this format. Each course carries APT Accreditation and Certification, and access to APT post-course resources. 

Online Courses

Online Anytime Courses,
Open to all professionals  

People love APT’s Online Anytime (recorded) courses because they can take the course at their own pace and the delivery is outstanding. Such high quality courses are very cost-effective, and they are available for all our most popular courses. They have full APT registration, accreditation and certification, as well as access to post-course resources. 

“I’m a manager organizing training for my team, which are relevant to me?”
All three are relevant, you can mix and match, having some training bought in exclusively for your team(s), sending some people onto the Online Live courses, and buying in batches of anytime courses for people who love very good online learning or newcomers who miss the exclusive events.

“I’m an individual professional, which are relevant to me?”
Both the Online Live courses and the Online Anytime courses are open to you, and you may want to plan a mix of both for yourself.

Top 10 most ordered courses  

The Association for Psychological Therapies' 10 most ordered courses over the past 12 months.

Recognition of excellence

Recognition of Excellence  

APT offers recognition to organizations that implement certain principles outstandingly well.

APT Tutors

Apply to be a tutor  

Run APT courses in your own organization for half the standard cost, anywhere in the world.

APT Resources

Great resources  

APT courses give access to post-course resources for so long as you maintain accreditation.

New 'online anytime' (self-paced) course:

Preventing and Overcoming Burnout  

In the important but demanding field of healthcare, burnout is a common and serious issue that can impact your well-being and professional effectiveness. At APT, we understand the unique challenges faced by health professionals, and we are committed to providing the support you need to thrive.


Featured Courses


RAID Training

RAID® Training  

A leading positive psychology approach for working with challenging behaviour.

Risk Training Courses

The DICES® System  

The system that makes risk assessment and management enjoyable and relevant.

DBT Training


A leader in the provision of Dialectical Behavior Therapy training.

CBT Training


Since 1983 APT has been at the forefront of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Clinical Supervision Training


How to use pre-existing skills to provide positive and effective clinical supervision.

Psychosis Training Courses


Gain access to the best psychological approaches for working with this severe mental illness.

APT Accreditation 

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