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Intervening in Crisis Training

Responding to Overwhelm

The Association for Psychological Therapies is a leading provider of training for professionals working in mental health and related areas, and the following courses are of high relevance to professsionals faced with apparently overwhelming workloads. We bring the training to your own organisation for a fixed all-inclusive fee, no matter where you are, whilst some of courses are also available for individuals to attend. All of the training is accredited by APT and delegates receive the relevant level of APT-Accreditation depending on which course(s) you attend.

The below courses are of high relevance to help professionals faced with overwhelming workloads.

CBT Essentials

Qualify for a MoodMaster Programme License.

A 3-day course.

If you are looking for top quality material to deliver to groups, then you have found it. MoodMaster Programmes are designed to help you bring the most relevant and effective information direct to those who want it.

The input is based primarily on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is generally accepted as the leading approach in this sphere. For its success it relies upon the person (a) knowing key information and (b) acting on it. The programmes are designed to help you achieve both of those as quickly and easily for your patients as possible.

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Running DBT Skills Development Groups

Running DBT Skills-Development Groups.

A 3-day course.

Running skills development groups is an important part of becoming proficient in DBT, and this course provides the coaching and practice to develop such skills.

This course lasts 3 days and is all about learning how to run groups for your clients to help them become skilled in key areas of relevance for them. The rationale is that patients need not only to be motivated, gain insights and knowledge etc, but usually also need to acquire skills in; Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress tolerance.

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Providing Good Clinical Supervision

Providing Good Clinical Supervision.

A 2-day course.

The course that shows clinicians how to use pre-existing skills to provide effective clinical supervision, to increase efficiency and enjoyment.

Providing effective clinical supervision is one of the best ways to ensure that people are working as efficiently as possible, avoiding being overwhelmed by big workloads, and continuing to enjoy their work. The aim of the course is therefore, that by the end of the 2 days you will both (a) know about clinical supervision and (b) be good at providing it for the benefit of everybody. And using 1:1 or group formats.

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Single-Session Therapy Training

Single-Session Therapy, and maximum benefit.

A 1-day course

This course is available 'Open' (where you come to us) or Onsite (where we come to you and deliver it to a group of up to 15 delegates).

All clinicians want to provide patients with the maximum benefit, but many are acutely aware that while they are providing one person with the best they can offer, they are providing ten or more others with nothing at all. And that clearly isn’t equitable, either for the patients concerned or for the clinician, who often feels frustrated and under pressure as a result. This course is designed to illustrate that there is a realistic solution to the dilemma and that a single session input can be surprisingly effective and rewarding, both for patients and clinicians. Appropriately for busy clinicians, this is an suitably short course!

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Maintaining Good Mental Health

How to develop your good mental health in the workplace, and help your colleagues do the same.

A half day course (online version also available).

This course spells out what you can do to develop your own mental good health in the workplace, as well as that of your colleagues.

As such it empowers everyone (managers and non-managers alike) to take good care of themselves. It covers (a) the major diagnoses in mental illness, (b) the 4 bases you need to cover to maintain good mental health and help others do so; and (c) how the material covered meshes with your workplace. It is designed mainly for non-mental-health professionals.

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Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Driving good mental health in the workplace: a course for managers and directors.

A 2-day course (online version also available).

This course is for managers and directors and focuses on how to manage in a way that generates good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, and doing so in a realistic way that works well for everybody.

Many people spend more waking hours at work than they spend anywhere else, so it is imperative that we do our best to get matters right in the workplace.

So this course spends only a little time on the mental health difficulties that can beset people, and focuses instead on what you as a manager or director can do to foster good mental health and wellbeing in a way that embeds it into your organisation. So we are not talking about mere ‘add-ons’, we are talking about your style and strategy, and operating a style and strategy that is good for your employees and colleagues and therefore is fundamentally good for your organisation in a realistic, practical, and measurable way.

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