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DBT Skills Groups course feedback

Running DBT Skills-Development Groups, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Running DBT Skills-Development Groups course has received.

"I really enjoyed the tutor's presentation, the pace was just right, really helpful and constructive comments. Would highly recommend this training to others."

Gabriela Loades ('Online Live' version)

"Really excellent training. Set at a good pace. There was a lot of experiential learning and opportunities to practice the skills ... The tutor's presentation was excellent, really good pace and kept things interesting."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Really enjoyable! Thank you very much. I look forward to using these skills in my clinical practice."

Dr Rebecca Barrett ('Online Live' version)

"Fantastic course ... I have gained a huge amount of new knowledge and looking forward to setting up DBT Groups!"

Kath Hook ('Online Live' version)

"Fantastically presented and executed, very engaging and experiential. I really appreciate the tutor's clear, concise, inclusive and validating style. I learned a lot and I feel confident that I will be able to use a range of skills confidently both in running groups and also in 1:1 sessions. Materials are also excellent."

Kat Smithson ('Online Live' version)

"The focus on "doing" was extremely beneficial, the planning of our own group, delivering it and problem solving pit falls was useful. Being able to hear the feedback other groups received, and being able to feedback to other groups as observers was really useful in understanding what makes a group effective. Being able to spend so much time as DBT group participant was excellent learning, noticing how I felt when I was put on the spot, didn't know an answer or didn't want to speak will be an excellent asset in empathising with participants in the groups that I will be running. The feedback and learning points that the tutor provided throughout were always relevant and in response to content and queries rather than arbitrary pointers."

Sam Tomlins ('Online Live' version)

"Amazing training, thank you."

Martha Pearson ('Online Live' version)

"Really engaging presentation from the tutor - loved the examples she brought from her own practice. The tutor responded well to the needs of the group. Very well put together and the break out rooms worked really well. Good resources sent out as well."

Molly Randell ('Online Live' version)

"I thought the course was excellent and I can see how I will use the skills learnt in my practice."

Becca Keevash ('Online Live' version)

"I liked the pace of the course. It was delivered at a pace that was easy to understand and also fun but still challenging."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent, many thanks - the tutor was so informative and I can't wait to get started."

Kate Cheetham ('Online Live' version)

"Presentation and approach were very effective. The tutor was helpful throughout and supportive of the group. The tutor pushed the group to stretch themselves and build confidence delivering the course material. I feel very excited about starting groups and delivering this intervention to young people. Great course."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Very valuable course, expertly presented. Good balance of activities. Love the resources given and available online."

Luke Perry, PBS Practitioner

"Brilliantly presented, interesting, engaging and well related to clinical practice. Slides/course book both flow neatly and contain relevant information."

Steven Frediani, OT

"Absolutely excellent course. Great tutor. Really inspired. The best training I’ve been on in a long time."

Course Delegate

"The course was the best training I think I have ever attended."

Course Delegate

"Really enjoyed the training and got so much out of it in just 3 days! Really well planned, organized and delivered using a range of teaching methods. By far the best trainer and training I have attended. This training has really challenged me and provided me with a lot of skills and tools to enable me to do my job more effectively."

Rajj Joshi, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"This course was AMAZING! I have learned so much! The tutor is absolutely fabulous, knowledgeable and genuine in her delivery of this material. I have never before attended training this engaging and challenging, but that delivers such results. This experience has given me the confidence in my skills and style as well as new creative ideas to use in my practice."

Ashley Chernosky, MH Therapist

"I have benefited from the practice experience. I enjoyed the variety of attendees from different professions and roles which then can contribute meaningfully to the discussion as and practices."

Clare Cowie, Substance Misuse Worker

"Very informative and very relevant to my role. I wish I did it years ago."

Simon Bethell, MH Nurse

"Really enjoyable training, have learnt a lot. I am leaving excited to implement learning into practice."

Emily Rae, CAMHS LAC Practitioner

"This is the course to do in order to set up DBT in your service."

Clare Cowie, Substance Misuse Worker

"Excellent training, from a DBT novice on starting the course the training has informed and engaging me fully. The trainer was amazing at making us feel at ease and reduced anxiety, enabling the learning and development of our skills. A practical hands on approach is a fun and engaging way to learn and the delivery of this training promoted this. The balance of taught sessions and participation was excellent enabling us to learn from peers. Would definitely recommend this training."

Mandy Wright, Child and Adolescent MH Nurse

"I’m sad the training is over but I’m excited to start putting it into practice."

Kirsty Sharp, Community MH Nurse CAMHS

"Excellent training! Really interesting and relevant. I have found my interest in DBT has grown and grown."

Richard Lafferty, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"The course was extremely informative throughout. Course presenters delivered information in a clear, concise manner, ensuring all participants understood the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and almost felt sad when it ended as the role play, group participation etc. were magnificent."

Community Nurse

"Excellent training facilitated by the tutor. Very relevant and well presented. I would gladly sign up to another APT course."

Clinical Psychologist

"Highly recommend course, insightful and useful framework of a therapy useful to aspects of my working practice."

Social Worker

"Wonderful course and brilliantly run."

Rebecca John, PSW

"The content of the course was structured perfectly and very relevant to my place of work and the clients in my care. I learned a lot and it will benefit me personally. The course was very enjoyable and this was enhanced by the professionalism of the tutor."

Jacqueline Jackson, HCSW

"Excellent training – thoroughly enjoyable. Very relevant to my place of work. Excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you."

Bethan Morns, Behavioral Clinical Specialist

"Really enjoyed the course. The course has allowed me to develop my understanding of the skills needed to teach DBT as well as develop my confidence around running skills groups."

Eleanor Sparshott

"Amazing presentation, extremely engaging. Best training I have possibly ever had."

James Heather

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course as it will strengthen my therapeutic relationship and have a better understanding of the client group I am based in."

Jade Farrell, Nurse

"Really enjoyed the course and feel that I’ve learnt a lot, so much so I now feel ready and able to run a DBT group."

Sarah Sihpu, Psychologist

"It was really helpful to take part in role play exercises in order to start to feel more confident about session material and how to manage challenging behaviour. I really enjoyed the training. Thank you."

Vicky Nicklin, Clinical Psychologist

"Absolutely enjoyed the course but more importantly gained so much more confidence and knowledge and I cannot wait to get a DBT group up and running or at least be a co-facilitator."

Barbara Willis, Staff Nurse

"Extremely well delivered course. I felt very included and the tutor’s knowledge was outstanding. Thank you very much."

Dave Flemming, RWN

"The course was very beneficial and the information was immediately adaptable to my service. The course was relaxed and practical which was very well received by the entire group. I left the course feeling confident to run DBT Skills groups."

Sam Steward, Assistant Psychologist

"I really enjoyed the course. Presentation was brilliant. Although I initially didn’t like the idea of ‘group’ presentations, on day 2 I actually found this to be enjoyable and informative. The course has increased my confidence in developing and running a DBT Skills group in my service."

Tina Pendleton, Senior Substance Misuse Practitioner

"Really well organized. Teaching method was well chosen. The tutor addressed individual needs of participants and ensured that all material is relevant. By far the best training I’ve been to."

Cristina Tabucu, Assistant Psychologist

"Up there with the best and most enjoyable training I’ve ever had."

Laura McGowan, Clinical Psychologist

"DBT is definitely less confusing since attending this course. It has left me feeling very enthusiastic about running a DBT skills group with a variety of ideas and activities gained from this training."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic course, very helpful and well presented. Trainer very friendly and knowledgeable on the subject. Many thanks."

Alfredo Galera, Key Worker, CAMHS

"Really enjoyed the training, I have gained so much knowledge and have enjoyed every aspect of the 6 days. I intend on running groups alongside my colleagues very soon. The tutor is a fantastic facilitator and I have enjoyed her humor and teaching."

Course delegate

"I have really valued the three- day workshop. It has enhanced my interest and enthusiasm around DBT and I feel it would be hugely valuable in our service … I will certainly be active in taking the groups forward."

Lucy Thomas, Clinical Psychologist

"Absolutely loved this course. Relevant information to my role and for the sessions we would like to run within our service. Taking part in the activities gave me a confidence boost for sure. Really enjoyed being part of such an enthusiastic group and having the tutor's input was brilliant. Thank you so much. Looking forward to being part of the DBT group at Hope and putting our knowledge into practice."

Rebecca McGibbon, Activity Worker

"The course was excellently presented and delivered. The tutor was patient and always kind, validating everything we did and helping us develop our skills at a measured pace. I really enjoyed the 3 days and learnt more than I thought I would. I am hopeful that the skills can be adapted and applied for my clientele and in a variety of ways, whilst adhering to DBT principles. Excellent course. Thank you."

Julia Sciacaluga, Art Therapist

"Superb course all round. Brilliantly facilitated. The course has given me confidence to move forward in running a DBT skills group. It was really useful to run an actual skills group and to be involved in all aspects of the group."

Andrew Barnett, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"The course was really well delivered and the information provided was clear and helpful for the task. I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience and feel this opportunity has developed my current skills and also introduced new ideas for future work with adolescents."

Joshua Chandler, Counsellor

"The course was amazing! Very well presented and absolutely loved doing all the groupwork and learning lots of new skills"

Lisa Carey, Area Manager

"Excellent design and delivery. Very pleased with the high quality of the training."

Andrew Telford, Service Manager

"It was a really excellent course and I thought a very innovative way of running it. I feel I have learned a lot and it was really well run and really good fun throughout."

Rob Phillips, CPN

"DBT is definitely less confusing since attending this course. It has left me feeling very enthusiastic about running a DBT skills group with a variety of ideas and activities gained from this training."

Marc Hefferman, Core CAMHS Practitioner

"This was an excellent 3-days from beginning to end … The course was presented incredibly well with lots of variety, I could have attended for 7 days and not have lost interest."

Kerrie Garnham, Core CAMHS Nurse

"The course was very informative and gave me much more confidence in delivering skills training groups. I felt supported throughout the course by my tutor. I would recommend APT to colleagues and other professionals. Thanks again."

Lee Ash, Addiction Therapist

"Really enjoyed the course. Tutor knowledgeable and shared knowledge and gave personal insights. Good opportunity to practise skills in safe environment. Good to meet other group members and share ideas."

Liz Galle, Psychological Therapist

"An absolutely fantastic tutor, teaching an excellent skill set. He was friendly, approachable and passionate about the subject and case studies he discussed. This was infectious and I leave the course feeling excited to use DBT."

Rachael Ward, CAMHS Specialist Practitioner

"This course was really fabulous. Loved the resources given. I learnt so much from running a group and watching the other groups. The time flew really fast. I’ve taken so much away from the course that I can immediately put into action."

Nicola Ball, CAMHS Practitioner

"I have really enjoyed the course. The tutor was a great trainer, everyone seemed to feel like he listened to them and gave everyone the opportunity to engage. He was very passionate and had a great deal of knowledge to share. A very refreshing course! Looking forward to using this in my work."

Jennifer Bowles, Social Worker

"It was a very nurturing and informative CPD with many ‘take away’ toolkit ideas. Both with individual clients and how to set up a group. Overall really enjoyed it."

Bethan Stracy-Burbridge, Art Therapist

"I think this has been an invaluable experience for us as a collective of CAMHS professionals that will enhance our clinical practice and care offered to patients. We all benefited from the knowledge and experience of the tutor which was excellent. The hands-on approach helped our confidence working together, developing together and providing groups."

C Shields, CAMHS Consultant

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. I would highly recommend this training to others. At the end of the 3 days we all felt inspired and motivated to develop a group programme."

Course Delegate (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist)

"A really excellent learning opportunity and has given me the confidence to run a DBT group within the service."

Course Delegate (Clinical Psychologist)

"I really enjoyed the course – it gave me a good overview of what DBT is, what running the group would involve, how to set up the group and how to manage any issues that may occur."

Course Delegate (Assistant Psychologist)

"This course was well presented and delivered by the facilitator. I enjoyed every moment of it, there was a humor as well as hard work from the group. The material was relevant and it was exciting to actually use it during this course. The facilitator was brilliant and knew his course content very well."

Ayibongwe Ndlovu, RMN

"Excellent course with really good delivery and effort to make the sessions relevant and maximize the usefulness of the training to the audience. Great learning opportunity. Thank you."

Angela Kandyba, Senior OT

"Amazing, interesting and challenging in equal measures. A brilliant course for developing skills that can be put into practice straight away."

Maria Peris, Senior Therapist

"After attending this course which involved lots of experiential learning opportunities, I feel much more confident to become involved in a DBT program. This course was extremely well facilitated in an inclusive, supportive and encouraging way."

Louise MacDonald, Specialist Occupational Therapist

"An excellent course that fully met all the learning aims given at the beginning. Capably instructed and lots of examples from real life to make the material immediately relevant."

Rory Reynolds, Highly Specialist CAMH Therapist

"I found the course really useful and beneficial. I liked that the biggest part of the course was interactive, placing ourselves in realistic situations experiencing the role of the service user, DBT skills group facilitator and observer. The tutor was brilliant - fluent, approachable and realistic, he was willing to share knowledge and give us advice."

Georgia Ntzimani, Occupational Therapist

"The course was extremely enjoyable and very practical. The group running exercises were active and a great way to learn the components of what make a skills group. The course allowed reflection of own practice and gave time for problem solving as a group. The tutor was full of knowledge and enabled us to learn a lot throughout the course."

Laura Holder, Occupational Therapist Assistant

"The course was very relevant to my learning. I was able to acquire new knowledge and skills to running a group effectively. It also made me more self-aware of myself and surroundings. My expectations were met."

Suetanya Kerr, Staff Nurse

"From the first day the course began, the tutor made it so enjoyable and interesting to learn more about DBT."

Solanje Cook, Healthcare Assistant

"Excellent! Learnt lots of new ideas and concepts. Thought the idea of presenting and participating was great, feel ready to take on a new challenge bringing something new back to the ward, hopefully benefitting colleagues and clients."

Leanne Walsh, Mental Health Nurse

"Brilliant training - I now feel equipped to start setting up DBT skills groups."

Amanda Curtis

"This was a very enjoyable, practical and valuable course. Really well facilitated with lots of learning points from colleagues and the course tutor. Experience of delivering, observing and participating in multiple groups was really valuable. Lots to take back into my service."

Arif Khan, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Fantastic hands on and in-depth learning experience. The tutor was very accessible and clear and the subject matter and personalisation within the groups was useful and helpful."

Nina Turpin

Running DBT Skills-Development Groups

Running DBT Skills-Development Groups.

A 3-day course.

Running skills development groups is an important part of becoming proficient in DBT, and this course provides the coaching and practice to develop such skills.

This course lasts 3 days and is all about teaching delegates how to run skills development groups. These are an important part of becoming proficient in DBT, the rationale being that patients need not only to be motivated, gain insights and knowledge etc, but usually also need to acquire skills in; Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress tolerance.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 97%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%