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DBT course feedback

DBT Essentials (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the DBT Essentials (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) course has received.

"Amazing course, have loved it. The most relevant course I have been on for my job."

Sophie Appelt, OTA

"I came in not liking DBT and now I have changed to loving it – let’s hope I can help the clients change their view of it too! Thank you again, excellent course content, amazingly presented."

Laura Willetts, OT

"I’ve been on many, many courses over the 33 years I’ve been practicing. This has been one of the most useful and enjoyable that I have attended."

Mal Ure, OT

"Enjoyed the course, very relevant. Wish I’d have had the training years ago."

Karen Masters, Early Intervention Worker

"I loved the course – I found it interesting, relevant and well taught, thank you! I’m looking forward to applying this to my role and my work setting."

Dr S Dosanjh, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Very comprehensive, easy to follow course. Impressive PowerPoint presentation and was very pleased with the resources provided and free book. Martin really knows his stuff and he delivered DBT in a meaningful way. One of the best courses I have attended in some time, thank you."

Dr S Dosanjh, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Fabulous course, thank you so much. It was very engaging, held my interest throughout and I felt I was actually developing skills that I can go on to use confidently. Extremely good use of role play and audience participation and great discussion to allow us to consistently apply theory to practice and demonstrating how these skills can be used practically."

Tina Hides CPN

"Brilliant course, full to the brim. Thoroughly enjoyed and hopefully begin to implement bits into work."

Louisa Neethling, CPN

"Enjoyed the DBT training course, it has given me an insight into how DBT is used. I wasn’t familiar with DBT, the content covered over the 3 days will be beneficial within my job role."

Julie Morris, RCW

"I recommend all Mental Health Care professionals do this 3-day course. DBT is a very useful tool/therapy."

Kirsty MacKenzie, Youth Mental Health Nurse

"The course was excellent, and the course material was presented in a manner which was engaging and accessible."

Lauren Myles, Psychologist

"I leave feeling inspired and ready to apply the learning."

Lindsay Leigh, Forensic Psychologist

"I have completed a lot of training over the years and have found that DBT Essentials is the most relevant for my job role. Excellent tutor, very well delivered."

Sam Heighes, ATM

"I can't think of anything that I won't be able to apply to my service user's, so I am very excited to put my learning into practice. Thank you for making this a valuable / enjoyable experience."

Nicola Whelan

"The course was highly relevant to my clinical work and will in doubt lead to an improvement in how I work with patients presenting in emotional distress."

Liaison Psychiatry Nurse

"I massively enjoyed the course and have learned a tremendous amount. I've worked along-side DBT trained staff for years so have learned some aspects. But these 3 days have clarified my knowledge and given me greater confidence in using, recommending and teaching the DBT skills to others. Thank you."

Simon Woodward, Liaison Psychiatry Nurse

"Excellent course, I have learn't so many new skills to implement into my sessions within DBT. Very engaging, loved every minute. Thank you."

Tina Maggiovini, Development Worker

"Truly enjoyable. The perfect balance of providing information and processing. Very well presented and organized. It was everything I was hoping for anymore."

Nicolette Schembri, Counsellor

"I have enjoyed this course and benefited a lot from it. The strategies fit in with the most of the problems that young people present with. It's an added privileage to be given a DBT Skills Manual book as this will be my bible!"

Rita Baine, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"One of the most informative, relevant, and interesting courses I've had the pleasure to attend in 20 years working in mental health. A very rewarding course."

Kris Barnes, RMN

"I truly enjoyed the course and would go so far as expressing that it is with out doubt, the best course I have been on since I have been a qualified nurse!!"

Patricia Stanton, RMN

"I enjoyed the course immensely. It was so relevant to my work and I can't believe that I have been working in a PD ward without this foundation. I have learned a huge amount and have new insights into the clients I work with. The presentation of the course was fantastic: lively, interactive, stimulating, applicable and most of all, non-threatening. Thank you so much."

René Lewin, Doctor

"I found this course really interesting and beneficial to both my work as a support worker and also in my practice as a professional counsellor."

Lesley V Burnett, Support Worker

"Excellent training. I feel confident to take new skills into my working environment."

Chantelle Hague, CPN

"This has been a fantastic course - one of the best I have attended in terms of improving my practice."

Kate Daniel, OT

"Really interesting and informative material, easy to see application within my day to day work and in developing a DBT approach within my locality. I feel enthused to learn more and become more skillful in my own practice."

Lauraine Hamer, CMHT Team Manager

"I have a better understanding of DBT and will be able to use the processes within my role. The tutors were excellent and I loved the course."

Julie Merry, Police Officer

"Brilliant and very relevant training."

Course Delegate

"Really enjoyed the course. I thought all the information was relevant and will be able to use it all in my day-to-day role. I look forward to supporting the DBT facilitators in DBT sessions. The tutor was great!"

Claire Galvin, HCA

"Thorough and enlightening introduction to DBT."

Course Delegate

"Brilliant, brilliant course, so informative and practical."

Abigail Carter, Support Time and Recovery Worker

"Most educative and enjoyable course I have attended."

Alex McCall, CMHN

"Great three days, I learnt a lot of new skills and concepts from the trainers and my colleagues via sharing ideas etc. Just what I needed returning to practice! Skills I can apply to all my caseload."

Carey Allen, MH Practitioner

"Really informative, lots of good discussion. Tutor was really knowledgeable and easy to understand. Overall an enjoyable 3 days."

Saira Chauhan, Assistant Psychologist

"Very informative, engaging and easy to understand. Great application for the service I currently work within. Easily adaptable information."

Assistant Psychologist

"Absolutely enjoyed all of the 3 days. Feel well informed and looking forward to starting to use the knowledge/skills in my role at CAMHS."

Jackie Stallard, CAMHS Core Team Practitioner

"Gerrie was incredibly knowledgeable about DBT and was able to educate me enough to help me to achieve my goal. I had never done DBT prior to this training and am confident I will use many of the skills and techniques taught over the last three days in my future career as a nurse."

Hayley Skipper, CAMHS Crisis Practitioner

"Best training I’ve ever attended and been in the field for 30+ years."

Maureen Sullivan, Mental Health/Addiction Therapist

"This training was amazing and I am so excited to utilize the skills in my work. I would love to take the DBT skills group training in the future."

Bethany, Course Delegate

"Amazing presentation, extremely engaging. Best training I have possibly ever had."

James Leether, MHSW

"I found the tutor very engaging and easy to understand. The content was interesting and could be practically applied to the client group I work with. I am leaving with lots of ideas and a new perspective."

Shai Lampert, MHSW

"Much anticipated training, wish I had this years ago."

Rebecca Dixon, Ward Sister

"The most useful training I have done in many years. I feel totally inspired and would like the opportunity to follow this up with the group skills training. I shall enjoy re-reading and consolidating what I have learned and have purchased a book referenced during the course to add further clarity. The whole experience has been excellent and having such an expert to teach us has been very rewarding."

Ellen Lea, Staff Nurse

"The course was fun, clear and exciting. Tricky subjects were clarified. The only problem was that it ended. Look forward to learning more soon!"

Nicky Webb, HCA

"The course was very well presented by the tutor, she fully covered all of the slides and I found it very interesting. I fully enjoyed the course, I know myself and the service users I’m working with will benefit from it. I’ve achieved my goals of better understanding of DBT."

Elena, HCA

"Generally I find seminars to be of minimal benefit, this on the other hand was not only excellent but very valuable in helping me to learn new skills. I loved the whole event – truly well done."

Charles McManus, Clinical Counsellor

"Very useful info! Most enjoyable learning experience. Extremely relevant to my client base!"

Leanne Taylor, Child Youth Mental Health Nurse Clinician

"Great way of presenting information. Well organized and interesting. Genuine, passionate and knowledgeable presenter in tune with participants. Good handouts and resource information. Good combination of lecture type and interactions, great exercises."

Aleksandra Nikolin, CYMH Clinician

"Such a great course and so relevant to what we do. The skills will support me in my role as a senior practitioner and in personal development."

Emma Davie, Senior Practitioner

"I really enjoyed this course. It was clearly presented in a very digestible way. The facilitator was a great tutor who clearly knows his subject inside out. It was extremely informative and hugely beneficial to my work with children and families."

Lynee Churchill, Senior Practitioner

"Truly the most interesting, engaging and useful event I’ve ever attended."

James Pell, Psychotherapist

"The course was very good and superbly delivered. This has been an excellent use of time, inspirational and will be of great use in future work life. Thanks very much."

Michael Callaghan, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"This has been the most interesting and well-presented training course I have attended."

Laura Voyce, OT

"By far the best training I have ever had. Thank you!"

Course Delegate

"Very refreshing and engaging. Will strongly recommend to colleagues."

Course Delegate

"A fantastically facilitated training course, one of the best I have ever attended."

Course Delegate

"Excellent training, thoroughly enjoyed throughout the 3 days. Everyone should attend to learn more about DBT. Solid foundation to start from."

Course Delegate

"Very well presented. Managed to fit a lot of content into a short space of time. Would be very willing to attend APT training courses in the future."

Daniel Emeny, Staff Nurse

"I really enjoyed the course and how it was presented. The pace was healthy and gentle and the information was very useful. The exercises helped give a chance to explore methods to case studies. Thank you!"

Course delegate

"Enjoyed the course. Really appreciated the workbook with all the slides, info etc. Exercises were thought-provoking and always help to consolidate learning."

Ashley Whittaker-Turner, Counsellor

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the presenter paced the training well and all aspects of the course delivered. Skills practice enabled me to put the theory into practice and also understand the essential requirement to enable my clients to develop and practise their skills to help them ‘walk the middle path.’ Sharing of all expertise really helped. Great training, thank you."

Rachael Pickett, Online Counsellor

"I have really enjoyed the DBT training and benefited from the course. Tutor was excellent. Teaching method is fantastic. The course helps me and I feel that I have learned a lot of things and I will be able to help patients in a more effective way."

Shondha Costa, Support Worker

"The trainer was very engaging, interesting, interactive and excellent in every way. Wish the training was for a week or more. I really enjoyed every bit of it."

Gloria Agbenyegah

"I have really enjoyed the presentation of this course. It is relevant and essential in the work we already do with young people."

Temitope Adedewe, Clinical Nurse Manager

"Really engaging and relevant. Really enjoyable and applicable to work place."

Danielle Di Rosa, Clinical Team Leader

"Fantastic course, thoroughly enjoyed it."

Jenny Bird, Assistant Psychologist

"Very helpful. Very relevant to my current role. Very practical and plenty of examples. Well presented. Very willing to ask and comment on any questions or doubt. Very approachable. Well prepared. Good time keeping. Role play particularly helpful."

Lara Lavadino, Psychiatrist

"Excellent presentation. Good manner and pace of delivery. Very informative. Good use of case presentation and mix of experiential and theory based learning."

Dr Debs Kingston, Clinical Psychologist

"Excellent delivery, loved your style. The 3 days have flown by. Superb set of skills in my toolbox now. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a training course so much."

A Pollard, Core CAMHS Practitioner

"Really engaging course. Learned lots and never felt under pressure to participate if I didn’t feel confident to do so. Presented with humor and warmth. Thank you."

Becky Winn-Bentley, Core CAHMS Practitioner

"I really enjoyed the course. Felt very validated and have learnt the importance of this during the last 3 days. Very inspiring and keen to deliver DBT within my work place. Many thanks."

Annabel Padmore, Community Mental Nurse

"I feel I have benefited hugely from this course. It was well presented and the facilitator made it fun and light-hearted. I look forward to using the skills and developing groups within my current role. Thank you."

Lisa Buckley, Adolescent Therapist

"Very approachable, warm, friendly and translated information well/in an understandable manner. Would recommend to others in similar field."

Course delegate

"Comprehensive, relevant and well presented. An excellent overview of the model and how it practically applied in the field."

Course delegate

"Course was very informative and delivered in a professional manner. Enjoyed the exercises and workbooks were useful."

Carla Brown, Counsellor

"I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a training course so much."

Core CAMHS Practitioner

"This was the most amazing and inspiring training I have attended. It has made me feel excited to be working in mental health."

Allison Baird, Staff Nurse

"The trainer and training itself were fantastic. I’m excited and feel able to integrate what I’ve learnt into practice."

Joshua Roberts, Social Therapist

"Thank you! The course covered more than anticipated. Really liked the anecdotes to illustrate cases and also drawing from personal experiences modelled the theory."

Louisa Bravery, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"The course was absolutely an amazing experience. Extremely knowledgeable, charismatic and personable trainer. Great clinical scenarios throughout the 3 days which made the course very interesting and useful. Would definitely recommend it to other colleagues."

Dr Swetangi Ambekar, Consultant C&A Psychiatrist

"An outstanding, informative and intriguing overview of DBT."

Rebecca Mort, Counsellor

"This is psychology at its very best."

Sharon Gardner, Consultant Counseling Psychologist

"The course was excellent! Very informative with lots of theory as well as practical skills and tips. The tutor was warm, engaging and very knowledgeable and I learnt a considerable amount relevant to both my post as a clinical lead and for a PD service as well as in my private practice. Most inspiring! I could not have enjoyed the course more!!!"

Sue Castledine, Psychologist

"A fantastically facilitated training course, one of the best I have ever attended."

Dr Caoimhe McIlhone, Clinical Psychologist

"Course content at a great level for professionals, held at a good pace. Resources given out were fantastic too!"

Nandi Pester, Therapeutic Support Worker

"Absolutely relevant to everyday working life. A fabulous resource."

Ann-Marie O’Hagan, MHP

"A thoroughly interesting and valuable training that will undoubtedly enhance my current work within CAMHS."

Gary Wilks, Specialist Practitioner

"Found the entire training eye-opening, broadening my skills and perspective and showing me concepts and tools I can relate to my work and personal life. Would definitely now consider progressing onto further DBT courses."

Mica McDonald, Support Worker

"Brilliant course, absolutely loved it."

Samantha Seaman, Support Worker

"Excellent trainer, focused and directly applicable to our work. Excellent team time and inspirational to set team DBT up! Thank you."

Bridget Nunn-Harvey, Family and Substance Misuse Psychotherapist

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The tutor was engaging and was able to pitch the teaching at the right level – importantly especially for those who do not have a background in psychology. The venue was absolutely fantastic. I didn’t want to go home. This has been an enjoyable and incredibly inspiring course to complete. Thank you."

Tinisha Kennedy, (Trainee) Clinical Psychologist - APT Open Course

"A very thought provoking and interesting course which will greatly benefit my future practice as a crisis practitioner with CAMHS."

Mick Tye, Crisis Practitioner - APT Open Course

"Fantastically presented and a lovely group to work in."

Joanna Rose, Clinical Psychologist - APT Open Course

"I have really enjoyed the training. It has met my learning needs fully and left me feeling more confident in applying DBT skills in my work."

Nikki Anmarkrud, Mental Health Practitioner

"Great programme – very relevant to my workplace. Tutor - skilled and very knowledgeable. Really enjoy APT courses – very professionally run."

Sonia Flynn, Senior Nurse Practitioner

"This has been a most informative, enlightening course. Well-presented and interesting. It has inspired confidence."

Course Delegate (Senior Practitioner HTT)

"I thought it was one of the best short courses I have done. I now feel far more confident in working with young people in relation to DBT Skills."

Course Delegate

"Truly feel that I have learnt a lot from the course that I can implicate in my practice. Felt the tutor was constantly very enthusiastic even when group energies were low and got the best out of us. He was very encouraging and made the three days stress and anxiety free. Thank you."

Naomi Sutherland, Staff Nurse

"Tutor very enthusiastic, validating and knowledgeable … Really enjoyed and learnt a lot. Would like to do more APT courses again."

Sara Jones, Student Nurse

"This was one of the best courses I have been on. Thank you. A great mix of learning methods. Very inspiring."

Melanie Staley, Psychologist

"Really enjoyable, great pace, and brilliant to meet so many like-minded people of so many backgrounds. This has inspired me to believe in myself and the work that I do with young people whether on a 1:1 basis or as part of my classroom teaching (and coaching). Thank you!"

Michelle Bell, Teacher/Coach

"I found the course incredibly informative and relevant to the client group I work with. I have no doubt it will be an invaluable tool going forwards in supporting service users. I look forward to putting the skills I’ve learnt into practice."

Rebecca Partes, N.P. in Eating Disorders

"I really enjoyed the course and found it really helpful and enjoyable. The tutor was brilliant, she was extremely knowledgeable but also very approachable and enthusiastic. Course was really well organized and engaging. I would highly recommend it!"

Kirsty Brunt, Lead Nurse and Clinical Lead

"A fantastic insight into DBT and the skills. Having the manual and well-presented workbook will ensure that I put these skills into practice."

Course Delegate

"Loved it and have much to put into practice. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow."

Mike Bonner, Mental Health Nurse

"The course was amazing. I have learned so much over the three days. It has been fun and hard work at the same time. Martin is great and presents the course brilliantly. Can’t wait to do the next one. I will definitely use these new skills. Thank you Martin. Thank you APT."

Tina Pendleton, Alcohol Practitioner

"Excellent delivery, a great pace with plenty of time for group interactions, slides concise, venue was one of the best – very well equipped/hospitality. Really enjoyed and look forward to embedding in my therapeutic work."

S O’Lore, Manager

"Very interesting, effective and essential training to my self-development as much as professional work. Really enjoyed it."

Nada Khaber, Psychiatrist

"I found this one of the most challenging and therapeutically enriching courses I have done (at the same time in a nice balance)."

Charlotte Lloyd, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"I rarely get anything out of the training that I attend. I can honestly say this course has been an epiphany. I think this is essential training for anybody working in a mental health setting."

Emma Grundy, CPN

"I really enjoyed this course and I feel that all the staff working on service could benefit from this. The course was delivered in a hugely informative and engaging manner, and supported the theory sections with highly relevant anecdotes ... I would have absolutely no reservations or hesitation in recommending this course, or welcoming the tutor back to my hospital, any time at all, or to anyone who wants to expand their professional skill base."

Arthur Todd, Clinical Team Leader

"I feel this should be essential for mental health professionals working with complex clients. It's given me confidence and extra skills to apply in my practice, thank you."

Course Delegate

"It was an excellent course, undoubtedly the best course I have been on. The content was extremely relevant and will enable me to do my job better and support my patients more effectively. I thought there was exactly the right mix of lectures, group work, presentations, role plays etc and the course facilitator clearly knew the subject extremely well and was very good. Thank you."

Robert Phillips, CPN

"The DBT Essentials course delivered to my team over the three days was exceptional. The pace was well judged, the material presented was relevant and detailed and the style of the workshops was lively and collaborative. My team all remarked on how quickly the time went and how interesting and relevant the exercises were. The three days provided us with an enjoyable shared experience which was great for team morale as well as offering valuable skills."

Maxine Sacks, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"This is the best training I have had since finishing university."

Vaida Mushipe, Staff Nurse

"The most effective and relevant training I have undertaken."

Chris Mahon, Support Worker

"An excellent and informative course which has been presented at a relaxed pace allowing new information to be explored, absorbed and shared. Thank you."

Ian Cartwright, Recovery Course Tutor

"One of the most interesting courses I have ever attended. Very well presented and plenty of opportunities to participate in role play and do presentations. The tutor took plenty of time to explain concepts and ensure all attendees understood (Doctors, Psychologists through to Health Care Assistants)."

Annette Woods, Ward Manager

"Excellent first-class training."

Course Delegate

"This training was excellent, informative, challenging, relevant and will help me to carry out my role effectively both on a daily basis as well as giving and increasing my confidence and thinking skills as well as communication style when a crisis arises."

Monique Titre, Technical Instructor

"The tutor was an excellent facilitator ... Her experience in working with her own clients was able to be transmitted tio us and we benefitted enormously from sharing this. Very highly recommended."

Aileen Colquhoun, CPN

"Training has surpassed my expectations. It was made very pertinent to my future use of DBT. Comprehensive, energising and inclusive of all attendees. Excellent and very knowledgeable trainer."

Colette McNicol, Staff Nurse

"I have found this course excellent, interesting and useful. Very impressive facilitator who is extremely knowledgeable, able to answer questions fully and able to relate everything to real life experiences due to being a practising therapist himself. I will definitely be able to put my learning into practice on the Inpatient Unit. It is totally relevant to the client group I work with for both individual and group sessions!"

Louise Stott, Senior Clinical Nurse

"I feel more positive about DBT and confident that I could incorporate what I have learnt in day to day practice. I would strongly recommend this course to my colleagues."

Latha Gururaiah

"Very well facilitated course, in fact one of the best I have attended. Content was very much suited to our workplace and was appropriate for the wide mix of staff who attended."

Nia Mullard, Health Support Worker

"Fantastic course with quality handouts and resources. The tutor was knowledgeable and used/imparted herself examples that were helpful. Timing and breaks were good - everybody was treated with respect. Very positive experience. Thank you."

Kate Gilkison, Gateway Worker

"Excellent course ... Possibly one of the best courses I have ever attended from APT (I have attended dozens). First class in every sense."

Jim Fletcher, Senior Psychosocial Worker

"Possibly ... definitely the most enjoyable course I have attended in a very long time."

Leslie Champion, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Loved it! What a refreshing change to have a course and feel I could leave and use some of the skills straightaway. Actual resources as well - what a treat."

Debbie Tinsley, District Lead

"I entered the course with a degree of doubt and cynicism - the course however was one of the most useful, engaging and informative courses I have been on. The balance of the three days was perfect as was the tutor's delivery. A very productive and enjoyable three days. Thank you."

Phil Morgan, Clinical Lead

"Brilliant course, brilliantly presented. Covered everything I was hoping for in a relaxed manner. Could not ask for a better course or tutor!"

Jess Powell, Occupational Therapist

"I really enjoyed the training ... I cannot wait to put what I've learnt into practice."

Zuzana Zivicka, RNLD

"Absolutely loved the course - the tutor was engaging and was able to provide clear, detailed answers to every question. I enjoyed the fact that each point was illustrated with real-life case studies."

Hannah Lucas, Psychology Graduate Support Worker

"I have really enjoyed this course and the presentation was brilliant. It was one of the few courses where my attention and interest captivated me. Well done."

Dr Emanoel Ruja, Consultant Psychiatrist

"I enjoyed the course and benefitted tremendously from it. It helped improve my view and opinion of the patients I work with, my relationship with others and life in general. It was a great week for me!"

Zita Ndubuisi, Support Worker

"The course content will be immensely valuable in my day to day work."

Steve Perry, AMHP

"Really enjoyed this course. Very well presented by the tutor who has an excellent delivery style couples with a very obvious, extensive knowledge and expertise base. Feel equipped now with a working knowledge of DBT - exactly what I came for. Thank you."

Denise Donnachie, Addictions Therapist

"A brilliant course, everything was relevant to my work and I look forward to utilising my new skills within my job role. The tutor was excellent and made everything interesting and easy to follow."

Rebecca Forde, Psychology Assistant

"This has been a brilliant, useful course, delivered by a very engaging and competent trainer. My awareness of the DBT Essentials has increased exponentially after this 3-day course. I feel much better equipped to support the service users in their recovery using the DBT model and look forward to positive outcomes in the clinical area."

Alfred Oblitey, Clinical Team Leader

"This course was brilliant, not only to teach techniques we can use to help patients with BPD but also brilliant life skills we should incorporate into our own life. Really enjoyed the introduction to DBT, and am glad I have finally acquired some useful skills to help patients with BPD other than medications. Tutor was highly informative, helpful, appreciative of questions and facilitated group participation expertly. Would highly recommend."

Dr Tara Walker, G2 Doctor - Psychiatry

"Absolutely fabulous training, great tutor, good group, great resources."

Nicola Rose, Clinical Psychologist

"Stimulating and interesting presentation enabling learning through informal discussion and active participation. Helpful ongoing reviewing concepts and positive feedback to group members."

Wendy Healey, Principal Child and Adolescent Psychologist

"One of the most influential training courses I have attended. All participants clearly enthused by attending."

Carol Donoghue, Staff Nurse

"This was a well organized and inspirational course that engaged me throughout the three days. My colleagues and I will be ensuring we integrate the contents into our daily practice in the future."

Peter Smith, Educational Psychologist

"To be honest it has been the best and most interesting training I've had for the last ten years."

Samantha Friend, Support Worker

"An excellent, informative and thought provoking course. I feel that this will be invaluable in my job ... would definitely recommend to other practitioners."

Claire Attwood, STR Worker

"Fantastic course that can easily be applied to my practice ... Trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I have really enjoyed this course."

Kerry Hill, Leaving Care Mental Health Nurse

"This was the best course I have undertaken in a long time and thoroughly enjoyable. DBT skills are perfect for some of the young people we have and I hope to integrate what I have learnt into my practice. I would also be interested in further training to develop this further. The course was well presented and truly inspirational."

Jane Fox, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"I found the whole course invaluable, will recommend this is rolled out to the other residential homes. It has reinforced the work we already undertake to support young people within the homes."

Barbara Layton, Team Manager

"The course was enjoyable and has provided knowledge and skills that will be invaluable in my clinical practice."

Francis Leech, Nurse Practitioner

"DBT Essentials course is an excellent snap shot into the methodology, theory and practice of Dialectical Behavior Therapy."

Andrew Procter, CPN

"It was brilliant and so relevant to my work. As a short course it covered a huge amount and left me feeling confident in using it."

Su Curtis, Home Advisor

"The tutor was excellent. She was engaging, thought provoking, articulate and funny. A very good course, I learnt an enormous amount. Thoroughly recommended."

Bernie Kitchen, CPN

"Really good eye opener, great skills to be able to improve our relationship with others and improve the overall quality of care. Outstanding tutor."

Course Delegate

"Very well presented course. A really good balance of interactive group exercises and course presentation. Non-threatening, warm and inclusive trainer delivering the course. Would recommend course to others, strongly appreciate having received a place on course. Thank you very much to the tutor."

Katrina Allan, Charge Nurse

"Very enjoyable course that I feel will enhance my own practice. Course that if given the chance, all practitioners should attend."

Scott Smith, Staff Nurse RMN

"Thank you. The course was insightful, relevant and very well delivered, to the point of being enjoyable. Lots to think about and apply professionally and personally. It felt very inclusive and non-judgemental (not an easy thing to achieve). So again ... a big thank you."

Lesley Sewell, Tier 2 CAMHS Clinician

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. There was a good balance of theoretical and practical work. Making it well rounded, giving all types of people the opportunity to learn in their own way. I will be coming away from the course with a much better understanding of DBT and how to use it. It will give me the confident to put things to practice and have a deeper understanding of my patients."

Ashton Hockham Marshall, HCA

"I really enjoyed the opportunity for this training. It will be extremely useful for my practical job and working with young people with emerging personality disorder. After completing this course I feel confident to begin to utilize the skills when at work."

Amy Grove, RMN

"Excellent presentation, good mix of teaching techniques. Thorough, accessible and very inspiring. Thank you very much."

Joanne King, Systemic Psychotherapy

"Brilliant course, would recommend it to others!"

Course Delegate

"Very much enjoyed the training. I feel I understand DBT much more fully and several myths have been dispelled."

Wendy Rigley, TSM

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, I did find it so very useful. I know I have gained a lot of insight into DBT and I am confident to use the skills implored. I enjoy my job with the PD patients on the ward and feel like I will enjoy it even more and I know exactly what to aim at and do."

Magdalene Owusu, HCA

"Very excellent. A lot of learning, encouragement and time given to ask questions. I felt excited, refreshed and encouraged. The tutor was excellent in her teaching."

Gwen Goddard, Group Facilitator

"Very informative course, all aspects of DBT were covered in a good balance of theory and practical exercises. Will be using many of the work sheets and adapting them to current work and clients' needs. Trainer presented very well and in a way of giving practical experiences making the training real. Enjoyed it."

Deborah Knowles, Young Persons Substance Misuse Worker

"Well presented, liked the style of delivery, very interactive. Will use most of the skills and knowledge imparted and learnt on the course both in a personal and professional capacity."

June Ellis, YPSMW

"Course content exceeded my expectations. It was very relevant to my practice and will aid my practice."

Heather Grub, Therapeutic Social Worker

"I loved participating in this course, it was extremely informative, interesting and relevant. I look forward to taking all I learnt back to my team and start implementing it."

Zoe Dent, STR Worker

"Another excellent course delivered by APT. The tutor encouraged debate around salient points relevant to our practice."

James Wagstaff, Care Coordinator

"This course has been excellent. It provided really good materials that I can use in my practice and was very well presented by the tutor."

Course Delegate

"I enjoyed the course very much and feel that it is very relevant to my job role. I have learned a lot from the course which I will implement into my working practice. The presentation from the group leader was excellent as with any APT course and I benefitted greatly from their expertise. Fantastic!"

Course Delegate

"Thank you for the really excellent DBT course. It was very well presented and easily followed. I have worked in Mental Health for a long time and I always say I learn something new every day but the last 3 days have been of enormous benefit for me."

Kathleen Savory, Support and Recovery Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was stimulating and interesting and was made very relevant to fit our needs by the facilitator. Would highly recommend it. Was easy to contribute. Very professional materials."

Erica Jackson, Research & Liaison Practitioner

"A much needed, valuable and enjoyable course. Fantastic tutor - outstanding. Gave good insight into what my patients are learning in DBT sessions/groups. Reminded me of their difficulties and which skills I need to improve as a clinical practitioner."

Angela Kerr, Occupational Therapist

"I really enjoyed the three days, perhaps more than I thought I would ... I have come away from the training with a thirst for more knowledge."

Alex Hope, Support Worker

"Can I personally say, best training I have undertaken in recent times."

Patrick Chandley, Care Coordinator

"I have really enjoyed the course, I have learnt lots and have much food for thought in applying this knowledge to my key area of learning disability ... Thanks so much."

Christine Lilwall, Support Specialist LD

"Excellently presented with energy and humor. The tutor was validating and kept everyone on task but allowed appropriate and helpful discussion. Really useful course - could do with more like this."

Claire Freeman, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

A really stimulating course. It's been absolutely brilliant, so thoroughly relevant and excellently presented. Thank you."

Rachel Harling, CAMHS Nurse

"The course was very beneficial and I can use all aspects of the course in my day to day work. I felt the course and the way it was delivered was very understanding and very engaging. I would recommend this course."

Amanda Richardson, Criminal Justice Drugs Worker

"I found this course very interesting and very refreshing from the usual content of courses I have attended. it gave me a new way of looking at how I may work with my client and a new way of seeing them for who they are. Parts of it were quite inspirational."

Veronica Green, Shared Care Drug and Alcohol Worker

"The course was excellent throughout. Everything about the delivery of the course was excellent. Very interesting/informative - whilst being informal at the same time. Was inspirational and now urging me to complete the cognitive behavioral therapy training. Thank you very much for an excellent three days of training. The trainer was excellent."

Jane Church, Care Coordinator

"A fabulous course, really interesting with great ideas to use in my practice. The tutor was great and really brought the course alive."

Alison Wood, OT

"This was a rewarding training experience for me with every aspect of the course. Well delivered to an acceptable level which has actually given me confidence in the way I'll be dealing with my patients. Overall well presented and relevant to my day to day therapeutic involvement with my clients."

Gregory Evboren, Staff Nurse (RMN)

"It was very informative, educational, inspiring and amazing refresher. It covered all the aspects of applying DBT. Gave deeper understanding to what BPD is and application of therapy. It has made me reassess my style of delivering therapy. Lots of food for thought."

Jyoti Kanbi, HCA

"The course has definitely addressed the dilemmas that we have in running a DBT. What is left is the opportunity to maintain what we have been given."

Josephine Erokwu, Staff Nurse/DBT Therapist

"It was a pure pleasure to attend this training and I know I would be much more efficient as a DBT therapist if we could have this kind of support on a regular basis."

Monika Baczkiewicz, Support Worker

"This course has enabled me to increase my knowledge and skills on DBT. I feel more confident in using the techniques discussed in enhancing my day-to-day practice in order to reduce distress and build on my clients coping strategies. It was a very informative course which I enjoyed. Thank you."

Safia Akbar, OT

"Very enjoyable, inspiring and motivating. Thank you very much."

Rosie Knight, Assistant Psychologist

"Gone from not knowing anything about DBT, to feeling confident enough to look at running skills groups etc. Great concept that can be adapted in various situations. Inspirationally presented."

Hannah Whittall, Senior Social Worker

"Presented in a lovely way that has inspired me to 'grasp the nettle'. I feel it will really benefit the kids I work with and myself. I look forward to making the difference. Very inspiring."

Jenny Cole, Children's Support Worker

"This has been the most valuable course for me in terms of CPD to date."

Lorna Holland, Senior Staff Nurse

"Has been a fantastic course - tutor was helpful and enthusiastic about course subject which helped to make skills and principles come alive. Would love to do this course to refresh and update. Has been a valuable learning experience to support my continued professional practice. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"Very useful course indeed. I will definitely be transferring skills into the workplace. I am very confident that it will enhance my/our team's service delivery. The course was delivered in a relaxed but positive manner and we covered a great amount. Thank you."

Steve Roberts, Lead Therapist

"Very engaging and interesting. Motivated me to be a better worker."

Rebecca Eatwell, Ward Manager

"So relevant to our workplace. This course was brilliant. It will empower me. It has given me an excellent understanding of the structure that I work within, I will be able to take do much back to the team and enable me to work with my patients with a greater understanding of what they are learning."

Alison Paintin, Charge Nurse

"Outstanding course in beautiful surroundings. Thank you so much to the tutor - you legend! You're the type of psychologist I aspire to be like."

Emily Smyth, Assistant Psych/HCA

"Very useful training. Definitely useful in my practice and I'm confident it will improve my practice."

Joanna Zajac, RMN

"Very relevant course to my area of practice. Having spent several years working alongside professionals who have had DBT training it has been a beneficial experience to get the opportunity to be engaged in theory first hand. I know that this will support my own practice as a clinician."

Anthony Comerford, Staff Nurse

"This was a course I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed and will make DBT a part of my life awareness. And it was fun!"

Jane Mobach, Support Worker

"Very interesting and thought provoking course. Has given me ideas of skills I can teach patients, use with patients, modify my interactions and plenty I can utilize in my personal life."

Paul Moorey, OT

"We had in the tutor an excellent, engaging and knowledgeable presenter who has the ability to deliver very different concepts or complex material in a way that the audience can digest and start to apply immediately in your life and work."

Dr Ivona Viskovic-Amleh

"I thoroughly enjoyed the three day training course as I can amalgamate my previous knowledge with my new skills learned. I now feel more confidence to implement my learning into my current interventions which will hopefully be very beneficial to my clients."

Julie Hill, Senior OT

"Very informative and thought provoking. I genuinely feel I have learned a great deal and had a fantastic opportunity to consolidate my prior knowledge. I feel the information was highly and directly relevant to my post and I will be able to implement much of this in my future career."

Adam Forster, Assistant Psychologist

"I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend this course. The skills I have learned with APT will benefit myself and many others. I had a small amount of knowledge of DBT and a belief of its efficiency in helping people with BPD, but now I have the confidence to use it on my ward."

Alison Nicholson, Support Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 days. Very useful and relevant information. The presentation style was fab, just the right balance of interaction, PowerPoint and talking. Will definitely utilize the skills I have learned with the patients. Thank you."

Emma Plunkett, OT

"Possibly the best training session I have attended."

Daniel Sanderson, Staff Nurse

"I look forward to getting stuck in on the ward and promoting its use amongst the team and seeing the young people benefit."

Mark Taylor, Charge Nurse

"Tutor was exceptionally good in that he used multiple clinical examples, his own experience and brought the material to life. Fabulous - thank you."

Course Delegate

"Fantastic course! Presenter was encouraging and nurtured learning in a safe and thought provoking way. His clinical skills and examples in practice were hugely important to the success of the course. As was time to reflect on learning and consider how it will influence future practice."

Course Delegate

"Presented in a light and relaxed manner and at no point was I made to feel stupid when I asked questions! I feel that I have learnt a lot about myself and my skills as a clinician and that this course will continue to allow me to develop these skills. I feel confident that I will be able to take what I have learnt to enhance my practice and hopefully make significant improvements to young people I see. Thank you for a wonderful 3 days."

Gemma Lindon-Rose, CPN

"Will definitely use the tools in practice and in personal life. Thank you."

Wendy Smith, Personality Disorder Practitioner

"Just excellent and near perfect. I do not think it can be presented any better. The dynamic nature and interactive approach allowing for relevant questions to be asked and the way they were answered in an integrative practical way added to the benefits. I am very happy that I have done this course."

Riyadh Hussain, SD Psychiatrist

Very good course. It was very relevant to my clinical practice. I would highly recommend such courses."

Raghad Hussain, Locum Consultant

"The tutor was excellent! He gave some invaluable insights not only into the concepts and skills of DBT but also very skillful guidelines and insights on how to manage complex patients and manage yourself in relation to them."

Dr H Du Toit, Speciality Psychiatrist

"I have enjoyed the course greatly. I have learned a lot and I am hoping to apply the knowledge in my clinical practice. I would like to apply for another course run by APT. Really good course, well organized with useful handouts."

Course Delegate

"This has been the most useful course I have been on and I use many of the skills in my daily practice."

Sally Cutts, Course Delegate (feedback taken from our 4 month feedback form).

"Absolutely refreshing. Have learnt so much, new skills, new approaches. Excellent 3 days. Would recommend course to others without hesitation."

Angela Ackrill-Smith, CPN

"The course was extremely well presented by a trainer who clearly had extensive expertise and skills in working with complex presentations."

Marriane Nolan, Clinical Psychologist

"From knowing nothing about DBT I now feel that I hold the skills necessary to incorporate DBT into my practice."

Angela Evans, Charge Nurse

"A very useful course that every Mental Health Nurse should aspire to. Good content that helps instil a sense of professionalism."

Jude Amponsah, Registered Mental Health Nurse

"Finally a training course where I have learnt practical skills to use within my job role! Good mix of content set at a pace that was easy to follow. Excellent tutor who made the content interesting, relevant and fun."

Sally Cuts, Social Worker

"I found this training excellent in all regards."

Katie O'Brien, Psychologist in Training

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will most certainly see this being incorporated into my clinical practice."

Pamela Walters, Consultant Forensic Psychologist

"This was an excellent course and the tutor presented and facilitated very effectively. It has given me a grounding in DBT and has provided a useful set of resources for clinical use. Thank you for an excellent 3 days."

Mervin Townley, Consultant Nurse

"The course was superb! A good mixture of presenting was incorporated into the 3-days so that the material never got boring!The tutor was friendly, non-threatening and had a very pleasant and welcoming manner. An excellent 3 days! Thanks."

Kerry Edwards, Community Nursing Team Manager - CAMHS

"Excellent course which will benefit my client group greatly. Something that I will put into practice."

Denise Codell, CPN

"A necessity for all mental health staff."

Raymond McBrien, CPN

"This course was extremely informative. I feel like I've gained a great deal of knowledge and have had an opportunity to try out these practically. This has been really helpful as it has made me feel very much more confident. The tutor was very friendly and approachable as well as extremely knowledgeable about the subject area. Thank you very much."

Debi Haynes, Specialist CAMHS Nurse

"Absolutely fabulous! ... Thank you for presenting in such an easy to follow way. Brilliant."

Sarah Cimikoglu, Specialist CAMHS Nurse

"Really well put together, both practical and educational. Really enjoyed the idea of having to do a skills group. Really well presented."

Steven Styan, Young Person Outreach Practitioner

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day training. It was extremely interesting and relevant to my place of work. The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable ad had a very relaxed style. Hopefully we can take this forward in our place of work. I feel I have learnt a lot of skills, particularly the skills group."

Gemma Schofield-Webber, CAMHS Nurse

"The three day course was very well presented and delivered in an excellent manner from the tutor. I only had a basic knowledge of what DBT was and what groups of people it can be successful for. However at the end of the three days I feel more informed on this subject and would hope to pursue further training in this area in the future."

Louise Burke, Registered Psychiatric Nurse

"A fantastic 3 days – the course was delivered at an excellent pace with a good balance of teaching, role play and student participation. The tutor was fab – really enjoyed it."

Kerrie Garnham, Self-harm Nurse Practitioner

"The course was just what I wanted, needed and expected. Pleased to have been able to dispel some of the mystique and confusion about this therapy. I now feel familiar and comfortable and am very keen to start consciously using it. Many thanks."

Rachel Bishop, Primary Mental Health Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that I learned a great deal. I am sure it will be very helpful in my day to day practice. Some of the content is very similar to aspects we already use and it was refreshing and assuring that we are 'on the right track' (metaphor!!!)"

Carol Pearson, Social Worker

"An enjoyable 3 days of participation on this relevant course. I felt enthused and supported in learning and indeed revisiting skills I already had."

Jennie Newman, Social Care CAMHS

"Really well presented course - lots of ideas to use in therapeutic practice and lots of validation."

Sue Kime, Social Worker

"Brilliant course, will take away many of the ideas and integrate in my own practice. As usual the tutor was excellent."

Pat Mills, Social Worker

"I thought this course was extremely well presented and the key ideas were common throughout. I found Day 3 the most effective – especially looking at the skills book. I will use all the skills throughout my practice."

Emily King, Social Worker

"I felt the course was relevant to my workload. I realized I do use some elements already but not by this name! I am very interested in going to learn more about mindfulness and have a couple of patients in mind who would benefit from this overall approach."

Delphine Martinsen, Social Worker

"Very interesting and informative – will be very helpful in individual sessions and would aim to eventually rollout the 12 week group programme within our team. Gave lots of options for 'stuck' cases. Course material very good and will be very helpful to reflect back on."

Paschal Campbell, Social Worker (Specialist)

"Very good course, nicely presented and run. Good adaptability of the tutor – accommodating group needs."

Steve Coackley, Social Worker

"Very relevant and enjoyable. Certainly added to my knowledge base and maybe gave me lots of idea i.e. mindfulness and problem solving. Also very valuable hearing about other another country's service provision/ideologies in comparison to our own. Thanks."

John Butler, Social Worker

"I thoroughly benefited from the course. Very clearly presented. Very evidence based and made completely relevant to our work settings and cases."

Jane Wain, Senior Practitioner

"It was good to have the chance to practise a case scenario to life – it made the material much more accessible. Having a trainer with experience is brilliant. Again examples really help in the understanding of the theory. Thanks."

Heather Sanders, Social Worker

DBT Essentials

DBT Essentials.

A 3-day course.

Instruction in the key components of DBT for those who want to add them to their repertoire without necessarily becoming 'a DBT therapist', and for those thinking of taking the first step in becoming a specialized DBT therapist.

DBT brings together a series of skills and techniques which are powerful and well chosen ones, for working with personality disorder as well as in other areas. Many people want to familiarize themselves with these skills without necessarily becoming a DBT therapist exclusively, and this 3-day course is for you if you are one of those people as well as if you are thinking of taking the first step in becoming a DBT therapist. As well as covering the 'overall concept of DBT', it covers its 'essential elements', namely the concepts of: Validation; Metaphor; Relentless Problem Solving; and Contingency Management, and the skills of: Mindfulness; Distress Tolerance; Interpersonal Effectiveness; and Emotional Regulation.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 99%

Relevance: 97%

Online Live

Presentation: 93%

Relevance: 93%

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