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Extended Training in DBT course feedback

Extended Training in DBT, course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Extended Training in DBT course has received.

"APT’s resources, dedication and helpful nature all through has been really good to work with. Well recommended training and training provider. Thank you."

Ruth Imber, Case Manager CAMHS (Module C)

"I have enjoyed every aspect of the course. Great learning."

Becky Thennakoon, RMN (Module C)

"Another excellent training week. Benefited hugely from this course and the tutor’s knowledge. Will help positively inform my practice and develop my skills as a therapist. Looking forward to putting the programme into practice."

L Douglas, Forensic Psychologist in Training (Module C)

"I feel this course offers enjoyable, refreshing and accessible skills to incorporate into clinical work. The way the group has been facilitated offers a safe and supportive structure, balanced by a healthy degree of flexibility, humor and opportunity for reflection and discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you."

Joanna Holroyd, Case Manager/Therapist (Module B)

"Another fantastic course! Well facilitated, good communication and experience. Looking forward to the next 4 day course and using my DBT skills in practice."

Gordon Leonard, Specialist Forensic Lead (Module B)

"The tutor as always – quietly a genius! Participation of group members very helpful to my learning. Motivation levels now very high. It all came together (last and this course) really nicely. I am pleased there was an exam, helped me to revise/remind self."

L Rischards, Case Manager/Therapist (Module B)

"These sessions have been excellent, they have kept everyone involved and all the information was relevant to me and I feel I have learnt a great amount."

Jerri Kenedy, Clinical Team Leader (Module B)

"Excellent delivery of the training. Trainer is very knowledgeable in the therapy and we were able to learn from his experience. Feedback was extremely relevant and helpful to my future practice. A very friendly and approachable trainer."

L Douglas, Psychology Trainee (Module B)

"Excellent course start – I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was much more accessible and user friendly than previous DBT courses I have attended. This makes it feel easier and more practical when thinking about future application to cases. I’m looking forward to the next bit. Thank you."

Joanna Holroyd, Case Manager/Therapist (Module A)

"I have loved the course and the facilitator was really experienced and really engaging. Thank you."

Ruth Imber, CAMHS Case Manager (Module A)

"I really enjoyed the course, it was applicable to my work and presented in a relaxed and informed manner. Felt confident in the presenter and his abilities as a clinician and an educator. Thank you."

Becky Thennakoon, RMN (Module A)

"Really excellent course, great mix of theory and practice. Useful to discuss cases."

Course Delegate (Module C)

"I really enjoyed this course and I feel that all the staff working on service could benefit from this. The course was delivered in a hugely informative and engaging manner, and supported the theory sections with highly relevant anecdotes ... I would have absolutely no reservations or hesitation in recommending this course, or welcoming the tutor back to my hospital, any time at all, or to anyone who wants to expand their professional skill base."

Arthur Todd, Clinical Team Leader (Module A)

"Once again, thank you for really fantastic training. The examples you provide are always so thought provoking and relevant. Invaluable experience of actually running a group. Thanks very much"

Course delegate (Module B)

"This course was well presented and delivered by the facilitator. I enjoyed every moment of it, there was a humor as well as hard work from the group. The material was relevant and it was exciting to actually use it during this course. The facilitator was brilliant and knew his course content very well."

Ayibongwe Ndlovu, RMN (Module B)

"The course has been very enlightening and will definitely change my practice. The Masterclass brought all the previous learning together, consolidating, encouraging and helped to formalize how I work with individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed the contact with other professionals and completing the role play exercises which I usually avoid. This allowed difficult situations to be explored in safe environment and helped to recognize the skills required. The course tutor presented the material in a fun and memorable way. Thank you."

Rhian Bradley, Community LD Nurse (Module C)

"The course is fab. Has met all my expectations, learnt loads from the tutor and from all the other professionals. These skills will really work within my practice."

Rachel White, Occupational Therapist (Module B)

"An excellent course and delivered by an excellent tutor who is clearly experienced. DBT is vast and it is impossible to cover everything in 10 days. However I believe I have gained extensive knowledge re DBT from attending the course. So much more than reading DBT literature available in the media/print. I am definitely recommending APT courses to my colleagues who are interested in pursuing DBT as a treatment choice."

Natasya Mor, Psychiatrist/DBT Therapist (Module B)

"Really enjoyed building on material covered in DBT Essentials. Tutor really knowledgeable and created relaxed learning environment."

Janine Hamed, Probation Officer (Module B)

"Excellent course, would highly recommend it to any clinician."

John Lyne, Consultant Psychiatrist (Module B)

"This course is very practical and I could learn so much in three days. It is a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills, share experiences and knowledge and benefit from working with others. I felt very supported throughout the course. Thank you for organizing this course in such a good way."

Vilyana Tsekova, OT (Module B)

"The training was again very well delivered and the enthusiasm of the trainer was infectious."

Meinir Edwards, SPO/PD Pathway Manager (Module B)

"Excellent. The tutor was knowledgeable and confident, also very approachable. The course really cemented my knowledge and increased confidence."

James Bax, Staff Nurse (Module B)

"Very engaging and highly relevant to my professional role."

Scott O'Leary, Social Worker (Module B)

"Excellent! Learnt lots of new ideas and concepts. Thought the idea of presenting and participating was great, feel ready to take on a new challenge bringing something new back to the ward, hopefully benefitting colleagues and clients."

Leanne Walsh, Mental Health Nurse (Module B)

"Brilliant training - I now feel equipped to start setting up DBT skills groups."

Amanda Curtis (Module B)

"This was a very enjoyable, practical and valuable course. Really well facilitated with lots of learning points from colleagues and the course tutor. Experience of delivering, observing and participating in multiple groups was really valuable. Lots to take back into my service."

Arif Khan, Consultant Psychiatrist (Module B)

"Fantastic hands on and in-depth learning experience. The tutor was very accessible and clear and the subject matter and personalisation within the groups was useful and helpful."

Nina Turpin (Module B)

"Oh my goodness... where to start... Hard work, thought provoking but ultimately very inspiring. Liz's style of delivery brought to life the previous 6 days of training and enabled me to visualize how a DBT service might work with our partners in NPS. She also gave me confidence in myself to take these skills forward into my everyday practice. Thanks!"

Kirstin Williams, Forensic Practitioner (Module C)

"Extremely valuable and refreshing training - challenging and highly pertinent to all areas of my practice."

Scott O'Leary, Social Worker(Module C)

"Excellent. Love the tutor's enthusiasm. It is so refreshing. Overwhelmed with how much I have learnt in 10 days. Feel well equipped for a new challenge. Fun / exciting / thought-provoking. Extremely informative. Excellent experience/learning opportunity."

Leanne Walsh, Mental Health Nurse (Module C)

"The tutor was exceptional! He was able to include everyone's needs - from so many varied backgrounds and circimstances and did everything possible to incorporate each individual."

Nina Turpin (Module C)

"I found the course useful, interesting and very applicable to my area of work."

Linda Craig, Clinical Psychologist (Module C)

"Excellent course, very much enjoyed it and look forward to putting it into practise."

Robyn Davies, Staff Nurse (Module C)

"Well presented 3-days and very informative conclusion to this valuable training ... Feel ready to implement DBT in my work place."

Sandra Mhonda (Module C)

"The course was excellent. The tutors were brilliant and the content provided just the right combination of lectures, experiational learning and interactive learning. I really cannot recommend or commend it highly enough."

Rebecca Lees-Milne (Written feedback taken 4 months after completing the course)

"The tutor is simply brilliant at teaching DBT and makes it easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3-days."

Nemisi Chidyausiku, Ward Manager (Module A)

"Excellent course, I have wanted to do this course for a long time and it is as good as I'd hoped."

Robyn Davies, Staff Nurse (Module A)

"Fabulous course and tutor. Thank you. The information was presented really clearly and at a good pace which made it highly engaging. The tutor answered all of our (many) questions very thoughtfully and clearly has so much experience and commitment to the model which is inspiring."

Sarah Brown, Clinical Psychologist (Module A)

"The course was extremely relevant and helpful. I feel that I have learnt so much in a short period of time. The content and discussion that we had were thought provoking and inspiring. The tutors were absolutely brilliant and have really made me love this form of therapy. I feel that I have learnt a lot and my professional and personal life will be enriched because of this."

Aya Shillingford, OT (Module C)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The teaching has been excellent. There has been the right amount of lectures, role play and interactive activities ... I would highly recommend the course and am sad it's over!!"

Rebecca Lees-Milne, Nurse Therapist (Module C)

"I have found every moment of all modules incredibly informative, skillfully (and warmly) presented, with the perfect balance of clinical applicability and well informed theory based knowledge ... I've been fortunate to attend a great deal of training throughout my career to date and yet this course is the most comprehensive mix of excellent knowledge, delivery, practice and course materials."

Fairuz Awenat, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Module C)

"This course is really well presented, has excellent resources (file, accompanying video, slides etc) and is really flexible in the way that the trainers allow you to adopt the academic components to your professional circumstances. It is well paced and is delivered in a way that makes you feel comfortable, supported and challenged too. I would recommend this, I am really glad I opted to attend."

Fairuz Awenat, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Module B)

"Course was very experiential which was invaluable. Peer support was very useful and I now feel more confident and able to set up and run DBT skills groups in my service. Thanks so much."

Jen Morgan, Clinical Psychologist (Module B)

"Amazingly - I really enjoyed and learnt lots from this. Extremely expert, approachable and enthusiastic trainers. Many thanks and I'll look forward to future modules."

Fairuz Awenat, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Module A)

"I have completed the DBT Essentials course and found it brilliant. I also found this course interesting and informative. The tutors were brilliant and made sure that the teaching never felt stagnant. I feel that I have learnt a lot and am looking forward to continuing the course and implementing what I have learnt at work."

Aya Shillingford, OT (Module A)

Extended Training in DBT

Extended Training in DBT.

A 10-day course.

A course for up to 15 people, providing 60 hours of training, over about 6 months. It Includes exams, plus projects to be completed at work, leading to appropriate APT accreditation.

This is the most comprehensive training in DBT we currently provide, and has inbuilt APT accreditation to Level 3 for those who complete the relevant exams and projects successfully. It is in three modules. The first module (3 days) covers ‘the essentials’, especially: Validation, Metaphors, Relentless problem solving, Contingency management; Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, Distress tolerance, and other skills of DBT.

Module Two (3 days) focuses on running skills development groups effectively, in Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation and Distress tolerance. You will also sit an exam to gain Level 2 accreditation in DBT.

Module Three (4 days) is the Masterclass, which enables you to: receive the projects to work on after the module (for Level 3 accreditation), discuss the application of DBT in your own workplace, share case presentations and discussions, and study relevant video material.

The overall design is meant to be demanding, but it is also designed to be interesting, relevant, and enjoyable. It is intended that delegates feel that the course is demanding, but also rewarding.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%

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