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Learning the Lessons from Major Incidents course feedback

Positive Behavior Support (PBS), course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the 'Positive Behavior Support (PBS)' training course has received.

"This is the best training that I have been on for a long time! The tutor was excellent, informative, easy to listen to and so knowledgeable. The course materials were excellent and easy to follow and the information that the tutor gave was always relevant and can be applied in practice. The course reinforced to me what I have believed for so long; that the young people that we work with who present challenging behaviour are very often damaged and hurt, and its reassuring to feel that the work that we do in YJS, whereby we are able to spend time with these young people, doing activities and trying to be a positive role model, is the right thing. Thank you very much and I look forward to any future training that you may be delivering."

Mags Williams ('Online Live' course)

"Very informative and detailed course. Information and resources will most certainly be useful in implementing PBS on our ward."

Dr Mark Boden, Psychology ('Online Live' course)

"Enjoyed the training and has refreshed my understanding of PBS approach and helped me to think more clearly about how to communicate this to the team. Have also come away with some everyday things that I can do to try and promote better practice on the ward. Trainer clearly had in depth knowledge of PBS models and managing challenging behaviour and was able to share some useful examples."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' course)

"Amazing and interactive course. The tutor is knowledgeable and ensures everyone is included. Awesome training and the best training I have done so far."

Ahmed Jama, Social Work ('Online Live' course)

"Really interesting and thought provoking, some great strategies and learning to take away and utilising in our services."

Andrea Allison ('Online Live' course)

"Fantastic pace - great trainer. I have learnt so much more than I thought I would, and feel that I am going back to work fully equipped with the tools to enable me to not only discuss plans confidently, but also implement training plans for staff and maintain / embed this. Thank you :)"

Jemella Hanson ('Online Live' course)

"Very informative and very well structured with relevant activities for group discussion and interaction, which favoured learning."

Ana Lopes ('Online Live' course)

"The Course was very relevant to work. I can use the information to train staff teams within the organisation. To enhance the understanding of staff about PBS. To be actively involved in implementing PBS plans and pro-active and reactive strategies, to reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviours."

Mark Stinson ('Online Live' course)

"This was such a great training course."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' course)

"An excellent and engaging course."

Samantha Wenham ('Online Live' course)

"The tutor was extremely knowledgeable, and provided details, stories from his clinical past, and his in depth education in the field. I would definitely recommend."

Jacob Reeves-Gale, Social Work ('Online Live' course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a good refresher also for those who've completed PBS training before. The tutor made the course very enjoyable."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' course)

"Excellent course. The presenter was a wonderful tutor, engaging and with lots of knowledge and experience. The discussions really helped to think through how the model can be applied, and now I have far too many ideas about changes we can make! Very excited to get started with implementing more PBS values on the ward."

Dr Helen Wigglesworth, Psychology ('Online Live' course)

"The course was so amazing, that I want to learn more. The tutor delivered the course very well and made it interesting and easy to understand with his examples. Thank you so much and I look forward to learning and training with you again."

Christobella Munro-Aloush ('Online Live' course)

"Excellent, interactive course, modelling the principles beautifully and respectfully for everyone."

Jayne Muldowney ('Online Live' course)

"I found the course very helpful as it has given me a better insight on how to support my clients."

Course delegate ('Online Live' course)

"The tutor was an excellent host and tutor, who was able to communicate clearly and in a way that everyone was able to understand. This was incredibly interesting and will be great to use this material at my work and home."

Miss Iona Macleod ('Online Live' course)

"Was a fantastic course, really informative . The tutor was a great trainer. I have learnt loads to be able to take to my organisation."

Dhiraj Mann ('Online Live' course)

"Thoroughly enjoyed course. Absolutely relevant to my job role and work place."

Jane Wardle ('Online Live' course)

"Thoroughly enjoyable, informative, thought provoking - great tutor."

Valli Brownlow ('Online Live' course)

"Really enjoyed, very informative and interactive course . Very well presented ,made to feel comfortable and valued."

Susan Mitchell ('Online Live' course)

"I really enjoyed this course and have already set up meetings with management to start implementing what I have learnt."

Debby Evans ('Online Live' course)

"Really enjoyed the course. The content will definitely enhance and add to a model (TCI) we have been using in children's homes in Wakefield. Whole new focus of developing adaptive behaviours and focussing on areas where this occurs is really useful and massive importance of functions of the behaviour really put across well by the trainer. Talking about adaptivity and positivity is a boost in itself so thank you."

Andrew Chatterton ('Online Live' course)

"Great course and great tutor and will be taking lots of helpful information back to my team."

Linda Portman ('Online Live' course)

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful for my future practice. The presenter was lovely and very knowledgeable."

Rosalie Newton-van den Berg, Nursing ('Online Live' course)

"Excellent course, excellently presented and fully relevant."

Neil Gambrell ('Online Live' course)

"Very good course. Well presented, engaging, and interesting."

Course delegate ('Online Live' course)

"Fabulous course, tutor was engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Other participants were great. Lovely few days."

Limara Neave ('Online Live' course)

"I have found the course really interesting. The tutor provided lots of useful information and went into more detail in areas that were not well known which was really appreciated."

Course delegate ('Online Live' course)

"The tutor was a great facilitator - made it easy to listen and stay tuned to the subject. The content was exactly what I was looking for in regards to our new managers - role modelling behaviour - being positive and not punitive."

Barbara General, Social Work ('Online Live' course)

"Benefitted from the whole emphasis on seeing the positive in any given situation and how to "unpick" a situation in order to see the purpose of the behaviour and so establish alternatives."

Andrew Haveron ('Online Live' course)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course in the webinar format and was surprised how engaging and interactive it was. The tutor managed the group, the information/materials and the technology very well and everyone participated in a respectful and helpful way. Having purchased other courses (SFT and Motivational interviewing) as online learning I am now wondering if I can 'upgrade' to the webinar version as participating in this format was so accessible and enjoyable."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' course)

PBS Training

Positive Behavior Support

A 3-day course.

This course meets demands for a thorough, consistent and values-led approach to Positive Behavior Support.

The course covers the background and rationale for PBS and then looks at understanding an individual’s needs, analysing their behavior and understanding the role it fulfils. Positive and proactive, the training will empower delegates to develop individual PBS plans aimed at improving their clients’ environment and wellbeing, thus decreasing the likelihood of disturbed behavior. Using skills and understanding from the course delegates will be able to develop specific client-centred plans, also considering their situation and family / carers.

Given that some incidents will inevitably still occur the course also covers steps to manage a crisis and to continually review and improve the plan.

This is a powerful approach that improves the environment and wellbeing of both clients and staff. This is the only PBS course that is APT accredited and gives access to relevant web-based APT resources after the course.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 97%

Relevance: 93%

Online Live

Presentation: 97%

Relevance: 92%