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Extended CBT Training

Extended Training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

'Extended Training in CBT' provides 66 hours of training and includes online exams and a Masterclass, leading to Level 4 APT-Accreditation in CBT if completed successfully. This 11-day course is from the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), a leading provider of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) training courses for professionals working in mental health and related areas.

It is the only CBT training that is APT-accredited and also gives you access to APT’s relevant downloadable resources for use post-course. The course is available for teams and organisations and can be attended face-to-face or online.

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Executive Summary:

APT was one of the earliest organisations to teach CBT, starting in 1982, three years after the seminal book Cognitive Therapy of Depression was written by Beck, Rush, Shaw and Emery. Since that point, CBT has constantly been one of the most attended topics of any of APT's courses. The Extended Training in CBT is the most comprehensive training in CBT we provide, and has inbuilt APT accreditation to Level 4 for those who complete it successfully.


Who should attend?

People who attend this course normally fall into one of two categories:

1. Groups of professionals who see patients in 1:1 treatment settings, have a significant degree of clinical skill, and wish to become proficient in CBT applied to a range of conditions such as depression, panic, eating disorders, etc.

2. 'Whole teams' (either in inpatient or community settings) seeking to develop a unified level of proficiency in CBT.

The professional affiliations of people attending this course include: mental health/psychiatric nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and others working in a variety of settings including: Adult Mental Health, Children and Adolescents, IAPT services, and Substance Misuse.

The Rationale:

The development of our Extended Training in CBT provides you with 66 hours of training spread over around 12 months.

The way the system works is this: You choose one course from each of Groups A, B and C, below, and also attend The CBT Masterclass, making a total of four courses. Three of the courses will be 3-day courses, whereas Group C courses are 2-days, so it is a total of 11 days.

Group A

Choose one of the following 3-day courses:

Group B

Choose one of the following 3-day courses:

Group C

Choose one of the following 2-day courses (different title from your Group B course):

Course D: The CBT Masterclass (3-days)

Note, there must be a practice-gap of at least 6 months between attending your Group C course and attending The Masterclass.

The CBT Masterclass provides more depth on some of the core topics in CBT but is mainly focused on developing skill, based around the following components: listening to and making case presentations, watching video demos by others, role-play/real-play where you interview others and they interview you, and establishing a stable system for support and development for yourself in this area post course. The result is that you enhance your skill and technique, not just your knowledge. Click below for more information.

The CBT Masterclass


You may order the Extended Training in one order or you may accumulate it gradually if you wish.

For example, a group may start by attending a Group A course (e.g. CBT Essentials) and sitting the included online exam. Then they may decide to attend a Group B course and sit the included online exam. Then later still they may decide to attend a Groups C course, and then The CBT Masterclass.

This way a group can gradually enhance its level of APT-Accreditation.

Note: Because of the case material likely to be discussed, you must have a professional qualification which insists upon patient confidentiality, to attend this course.

Assessment and Accreditation:

CBT Accreditation: Level 4

To obtain APT's CBT Accreditation Level 4, delegates must attend all the taught days, and pass the associated online exam.

View more details about APT's CBT Accreditation

The overall design is meant to be demanding, but it is also designed to be interesting, relevant, and enjoyable. It is intended that delegates feel that the course is demanding, but also rewarding.

Booking this training is easy...

Booking Options...

 for teams and organisations

 for individuals or small groups

For teams and organisations:

Option 2: Online Live and Exclusive course:

Live, interactive online course exclusively for your team or organisation.

Price: $25,750 for a group of up to 15 people (price includes a workbook for every delegate, posted to one address). Extra delegates $1,650 per person.

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Option 1: Face-to-Face Onsite course:

We bring the course and tutor to you, for a fixed fee.

Price: $38,625 (plus tutor travel and accommodation expenses) for a group of up to 15 people. Extra delegates: $2,475 per person.

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Option 3: 'Train the Trainer':

If you or a colleague are a senior professional (e.g. consultant psychologist) and have a talent for communication and teaching, then you are welcome to apply to become an APT-accredited tutor. You could then tutor the course - or your chosen modules from it - in your own organisation, under license.

This is not only a highly appropriate use of senior professionals, but it also saves your organisation the tutor-component of the fee each time you run it or your chosen modules (50% of the 'Online Live and Exclusive' fee, regardless of whether the course is held face-to-face or online).

To see the full benefits of this and to see whether you are eligible, click the button:

Check eligibility criteria

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For individuals or small groups:

This course is currently only available for teams/organisations. Please register your interest below if you want to attend this course as an individual and we will notify you when it becomes available.

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APT Accreditation

As a bona fide APT event, this course automatically has accreditation from The Association for Psychological Therapies. This means (i) that it contains the right amount of relevant information for its duration, and (ii) the information is presented in an engaging way, and in a way that will make it likely to be used after the course. APT verifies the accreditation by publishing the delegates' average ratings of relevance and presentation-quality for all its accredited courses. The accreditation is given value by over 125,000 professionals having attended APT courses.

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Written Feedback


APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Below are just some of the great comments the The APT Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has received.

"Refreshing, entertaining and thought provoking. Excellent course, at a pace and style of teaching that is designed to maximise learning. Thank you."

"This has been a very valuable experience which has allowed me to better pull the principles of CBT than I could have thought possible in such a short period of time. My patients will most definitely benefit from these skills."

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