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APT Refresher Courses

Renewing your APT-Accreditation.

3 reasons to renew your APT-Accreditation.

*Note: if your accreditation has lapsed you are still eligible to sit a refresher course, irrespective of the date you originally completed the course.

Renewing your Level 1 or Level 2 accreditation:
Option 1: Attend a live refresher course.

WWe bring the training to your own organisation and train a group of 6-15 people for an all-inclusive fee of $2,610 (plus GST/HST and tutor travel and accommodation expenses). This renews your Level One accreditation and in most cases gives you access to the online exam to upgrade your APT accreditation to Level 2.

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Option 2: Study the online refresher (available for certain courses only).

The cost of an online refresher course is $165 per person; this gives you access to the latest full online course in question at a heavily discounted rate.


Option 3: Submit evidence of practice and reflection (Level 1 only).

To submit evidence of continued practice, and your reflections on that practice. The fee for this is $250 plus VAT per person. Click here to download the form and details of payment.

Renewing your Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 accreditation:
Either attend a masterclass top-up day, or submit evidence of practice and reflection.

Renewing your accreditation at these Levels requires you either

  • To attend a masterclass top-up day. (The fee for this is $2,610 plus GST/HST and tutor travel and accommodation expenses for a group of up to 15 people.)


  • To submit evidence of continued practice, and your reflections on that practice. The fee for this is $250 plus GST/HST per person.

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What is covered in the web-based online refresher course?

The online refresher is based on the longest current live version of the course in question, so for the syllabus you should refer to that. Obviously there are some adjustments (for example group discussions are easy in a live course, not so easy online; conversely it is easier to show videos online than live) but the syllabus is basically the same. Also the online refresher has an inbuilt exam which, if you are successful in it, upgrades your accreditation level.

I have had my CBT training from another provider. Can I attend APT's CBT refresher course and get into the APT accreditation system and resources?

Yes, so long as you can provide us with proof of your comparable training. There is however a charge of $140 plus GST/HST to cover administration and the cost of verifying that the training was comparable. The same thing applies for other subjects.

I attended APT training in CBT some years ago – I can't quite remember when but it was more than three. Can I still have an online refresher at the discounted rate?

Yes, it doesn't matter how long ago you attended, you can still undertake the refresher. The same thing applies for other subjects.

The pass mark of 85% seems very high. What happens if I don’t achieve it?

It does seem high, partly because many of the questions are multiple choice, which means you get 25%-30% simply by chance. Even so, 85% is a high mark which you need a good level of competence to achieve. If you don’t achieve it at first you can review the course again and re-take the test, for no extra fee.


Onsite Courses.

The majority of our mental health training courses are provided this way - we come to you and train a group of up to 15 people for an all-inclusive fee.

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Online Courses.

Obtain APT-quality input at a time that is convenient to you and minimises the need for 'cover' normally associated with training.

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